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{Tuesday, September 12, 2006}

Ah, Sweet Youth

Even though Morgan is often the most challenging in the morning, she was very cooperative today because she liked her outfit (Sophia anyone?). When she got out of the van at school, I said, "Love you..." and before she closed the door, she said, "Love you more!" Having recently read this piece at hipmama, I almost cried.

These people called me yesterday morning (at 8:30 a.m., mind you) to pop off a (she promised) 90-second spiel about 'needing to encourage Hollywood to make more family-friendly movies'. So, anger abated momentarily, I took a breath and let her exhale hers - blah, blah, blah. Don't you agree, she said. "No," I said. "Uh, oh..." said she. Apparently she switched to the rarely used dissenter screen and started with 'we're not for censorship' - I zapped back with 'capitalism and free speech'. Shockingly, she didn't want to hear it. I pressed the OFF button on the phone (like you could do for your family!).

In one of those, sadly I thought of it in retrospect moments, I realized that she had asked for the Lady Of The House when she called. I should have retorted that I'm no lady, but I am the head bitch who lives here. Just in case you don't look at their webpage very long, one of the approved titles (that, amazingly, went straight to DVD) is titled _Apocalypse and the End of Times_. That ought to cheeer up the kiddies on family movie night! I suppose that ultimately they wanted a donation for their cause. Ha. I'm much more likely to fork out money for any movie that shows Joe Pesci in a psychopathic, gangster rage.
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