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{Thursday, August 24, 2006}

I've been sitting here in a Dooce-induced coma for over an hour. I was shipping, but lost interest as it became further and further from the time since the post office closed. I continue to crack myself up though. Despite sitting here reading the archives nonstop, I occasionally glance over at my Google Sidebar Todo list as if there will be something that I can check off.
posted by Lisa 10:39 PM

{Wednesday, August 23, 2006}

I don't know why I do these things, but I do. I've been suffering from some viscous gas since eating pasta salad with beans last night. As in, so bad the dogs have been looking at me like, "What the hell?" So with stomach growling this afternoon, I make my choice ... and eat half a container of spicy hummus. I may explode.
posted by Lisa 2:42 PM