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{Saturday, June 24, 2006}

I thought my bird was going completely crazy. He's been super excitable (in the carnal sense) and suddenly bent on paper shredding. He's been doing a corner in his cage every day after I clean it. I also let him out for hours a day and instead of doing his daily show or even preening, he's going under his cage to shred more. And I mean more - there is a full-blown nest under there.

And guess what? That's exactly what it is - he's building a nest (for me, presumably, since I am his mate after all) and his fancy has turned to lust. It's (sing to the Love Boat theme) Hornyyyyy Time..... Apparently, it can go on for up to two months. Poor buddy. He can't get no satisfaction.
posted by Lisa 9:53 AM

{Thursday, June 22, 2006}

I always like it when I hear a couple of virgin thrift store customers, typically teens, walking out of the store with their purchases. One says to the other, "It was only TWO DOLLARS!" in complete, utter amazement. They are sure they have uncovered some closely guarded secret. Ah, young 'uns brought up in a retail environment are so amusing.
posted by Lisa 5:32 PM