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{Thursday, April 20, 2006}

I love it when the dog is looking like he's really thinking about something. He looks so noble, so complex. Of course, he's probably thinking about licking his ass, but anyway.
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{Wednesday, April 19, 2006}


I was in the bathroom putting my hair up into a bun. Morgan was staring at me from her breakfast vantage point. I finished and looked at her and she said, "I was fascinated". Posted by Picasa
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{Monday, April 17, 2006}

A New Love

This was my first day in a while that I was anticipating doing nothing. Well, not nothing. I had to call the vet, deposit some checks and mail some packages, but no extended commitments. With the kids on Spring Break, my BFF here from Texas, a playgroup reunion and then Easter, I was getting rather overextended. I had been looking forward to doing very little, all alone, all day.

It went, oh-so-fast. At 2:37, with less than an hour until school pickup, I tried to make a mental list of accomplishments. There weren't many. Absolutely nothing done in the profit-making department, specifically. Ugh.

But in the spending department, a development. A love affair. You see, both of my vacuums bit the big one this weekend. Odd, I know. One was over 10 years old, one a mere 16 months. The Shop Vac, the young 'un, is on the To Do list for a call and bitch session with it's manufacturer. The Hoover was escorted to the door and given a pat on the back.

So, hey, Hoover once, Hoover again. I popped over to eOpinions and looked for vacuums in my price range. Man are there options! There is one for about $100 that vacuums plain floor and then washes them! Get out! I don't really believe it, but I can't stop thinking about it either. Anyway, down the list, I found a couple of possibilities with lots of stars and acceptable pricing. I grudgingly decided to go to Wally because I also needed decaf (which, horrifically, is now more expensive than Folgers! The freaking store brand is MORE!).

In a stunning outcome, the store had the one I wanted. Right there. Popped it in the cart. Paid. Came home. Removed it from box. Consulted directions on minor assembly of handle.

This baby looks like a '57 Chevy and it drives like one too! I got in 15 glorious minutes of vacuuming before I had to leave for school pickup and then gymnastics. Self-propelled! Green when Clean light! Not so damn loud! Happy, happy, joy, joy. Now I'm looking forward (the shame) to the dining room. I think Morgan is anticipating a joy ride as well.
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