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{Saturday, February 11, 2006}

From the Pain In My Ass Department: Went to a thrift store today that I hadn't been too in some time (okay, two years) and found the store-front empty/vacant and for lease. Well. I drove 7 miles out of my way too. Shit. Drove around the area (mall area, loads of strip malls just thirsting for a resale shop) and found only three, say it again, three Adult Toy shops. I don't think I've even accidently noticed one before. Three! All in five minutes. Must be some kind of kinky area man.

Been shopping my fool head off the last three days. I have plans to go again tomorrow because I have a 50% off coupon. Sigh. You know you're overshopped when that doesn't excite you. I have found some great things. I need to catch up from last weekend's power outtage.

Michelle's 40th Birthday part was last night. A surprise. It was great - she was quite suprised and it was a great time. We left at 10:10 pm, just four beer fuller for me. And no hang-over today. Yay me.
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