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{Monday, August 22, 2005}

Well, well, the first day of school. It was frantic, but it went off without a hitch (but for a bit of lateness). Both girls went to bed a little spazzed out, so I was hoping that the morning wouldn't continue in the same horror. Thankfully, it didn't. The alarm goes off and Morgan's job is to wake up me and Emma. Thank goodness she did because I was NO WHERE near waking up at 8 a.m.

Getting ready went smoothly. Going to Emma's school, Columbus, not so much. The school has, like, five parking places and all of the streets around the school were jammed. I finally parked three blocks away and we hoofed it. The girls held hands and walked in front of me on the sidewalk. Morgan turned to Emma and said, "I have those things in my stomach. Do you?" I told her that they were butterflies; she said they felt more like worms. We foolishly walked through the school, which to me at this time, is like a labyrinth of circular tunnels. Some helpful soul told us that the teachers were meeting everyone outside. Thank god. We found an exit and walked more to the playground. Thankfully, Emma's teacher was just inside the gate. It was mass pandemonium. Kids, teachers, parents and fear covered the blacktop. I parked Emma next to her teacher (who seemed very kindly, thank god) and kissed her goodbye.

She was standing next to a little girl who was crying. The girl's brother went to preschool with Morgan. She's the older sister and rather reserved and shy. Since Emma and Rebecca aren't together this year - she would be an excellent choice for classroom friend, but I'll try to keep that to myself to keep Emma from rejecting the idea completely.

Then, Morgan and I hoofing back three blocks in the, now, increasing heat. We return to the van at 9:16 am. Her school starts at 9:15 am. Ah, well. We do what we can over here. Morgan is in fine spirits though. We arrive at her school and get a great parking spot since most of the parents have already left (ha! rewards for tardiness!). We beg for information about her classroom's location and finally find it. It's in the basement, specifically where Morgan didn't want to be, but it's a nice room and I think it will be fine. The teacher was young and new to the school this year. She also has a 3rd grade daugther.

The class was boy, boys, boys (and, happily, one of my favorite boys from Morgan's class last year). There are 7 girls I think. Oh geez. I saw one that was in her class from last year. Morgan was cool beans about the whole thing, even coming in a tad late. Whew. At least that is over. Now, about an hour and a half until I have to go to Battle Pick-Up!
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