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{Wednesday, April 13, 2005}

Having a dream about being late for a church rummage sale is better than having a dream about being late to meet your crystal meth dealer. I guess. It's still feels pertty lame.
posted by Lisa 7:07 AM

{Tuesday, April 12, 2005}

Well, Brittany Spears is pregnant. Drats. I was hoping she was getting fat.
posted by Lisa 10:21 PM

{Monday, April 11, 2005}

Have you ever tried putting a silky 100% polyester suit into a small plastic bag? I just did. It was quite the challenge. Like putting an octopus in a net bag and not letting any tentacles stick out.
posted by Lisa 8:27 PM
Why do people give a flying fuck who called their house. Someone just called me to see why I'd called her fucking house. Well, Ms. Thing, I was calling to RSVP for your child's party -- is THAT OKAY? This is certainly not the first time I've gotten this. In fact, just last week, I misdialed Steve's cell phone number and some dude called me hours later to find out why I'd called. Make better use of your time people! What's wrong with you? Be fucking grateful you didn't have to talk to them or listen to their message (in which they'll tell you they WANT something). Geez.
posted by Lisa 12:43 PM
It's back to school this morning and I must say, thank goodness. Lots of fighting and "I don't have anything to doooooo....." Arrrgh, makes my ears bleed.

Saturday at Sara's the girls were playing a game involving chalk paths and at one point Sara told me that they went to a funeral of the brother of a friend of hers (Morgan's) and after that, they crucified him. I think (I hope) they meant cremated. Uncle Bert's funeral fucked with their heads.
posted by Lisa 8:24 AM