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{Thursday, April 07, 2005}

Quite possibly the greatest line from Deadwood ever:
"You cannot fuck the future sir; the future fucks you!"
posted by Lisa 10:29 PM

{Wednesday, April 06, 2005}

Yesterday, at 8:50 a.m. (leaving for school time is 9 a.m.), my bratty five-year-old Morg comes to the doorway of the room where I'm slacking off. She puts her hand on her cocked hip and says, "Girl, you betta get off your butt and make my lunch". And after I mocked horror, made her beg and call my Sugar Mama, I did just that.
posted by Lisa 10:53 PM
This pimple either needs to concede or develop into a horn. Whichever, I'm sick of the limbo.
posted by Lisa 10:50 PM