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{Monday, March 14, 2005}

So my kid is back from the brink of pneumonia. Of course, this weekend, right after her diagnosis, I see that a 31-year-old actress died of the same, after being turned away from the hospital (as "not sick"). God, shivvers.

My husband has been practicing for weeks for his first fishing tournament (after 50 years of fishing). I called him around 2:30 pm yesterday afternoon (not really notin the time). He and his brother were in his boat which was NOT running (correctly, or at all, really) and they had 30 minutes to go eight miles to the weigh-in. Holy Batshit Batman! Tournament fees, six eight-hour days of practice and competition and all for naught!

I finally couldn't take it anymore and called him Mom around 5:30 p.m. to see how it all panned out. They made it! And they came in 6th. Out of 70! And they won money! (Victoria said that would buy a lot of food!) Now he's living this duel life - fish vs. zinc. Back to the zinc life today.
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{Sunday, March 13, 2005}

Looking out my kitchen window, I saw a dove sitting atop the basketball backboard. She appeared to be giving the Coco Classic "One-Eye" to something on the ground. I couldn't believe my own eye! Wild birds are so differently shaped than parrots, they don't have the actual distict neck to head thing going on. However, doves are different - definite neck (for rubbernecking). Upon further inspection of the scene I saw my cat crouched on the ground a few feet away, staring excitedly at the dove.
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