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{Sunday, December 19, 2004}

He Like It, He Really Likes It!

I am sitting here and I hear an unusual sound from The Cage. Coco is picking at his pinata! I was starting to begin to give up hope! Of course, yesterday I stuck a peanut on it, so that may have helped. Whatever the case, after he saw me see him, he's stopped. Drat!

Shiver. Coldy today. Temperature 13, feels like -1. Zowie. Tomorrow 38 though. Then after Jen gets here it PLUMMETS again for Wednesday and Thursday! A dusting of snow last night. Grammie says it's supposed to do the same on Christmas Eve. That would be lovely. After I get to where I am going.

A (pagan) friend was at a show mantinee with her Mom and her 4-year-old daughter last week. Being a weekday, the audience was a sea of senior citizens. The little girlfriend was getting fidgety along towards the end and asked when it would be over. Just then the lights started going down for the finale, the birth of Jesus. Her Grannie told her as much and as a hush fell over the audience she questioned, loud and clear, "Who's Jesus?" I cannot stop cracking up over it. Every time I remember, I blurt out (loud), Who's Jesus!?
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