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{Monday, December 13, 2004}

It's cold here, very winterish. People are shocked, just shocked. I'm just trying to avoid it myself. Actually surprisingly easy to do. Michelle went to the store for me today. However, I did have to venture out to the dentist. I had a tooth filled last Monday and that night, it cracked off. Shit.

While I was out, I decided to stop at Petsmart to get some female guppies (and relieve the long-suffering ones were currently had) and some toys for Coco. He's destroyed just about everything in his cage (as he is supposed to do), except for a little piece of rawhide on a chain. He's been pitifully chewing on the chain, like a kid with a corn cob doll.

So, two new toys. The first is an old favorite. It's rubber and hollow and you can stick peanuts into it for the bird to work out and eat. He was immediately thrilled when he saw it. It means MORE PEANUTS to his little bird brain. Right-o. I threw his old away months ago when he had finally just torn it apart and it wouldn't hold anything anymore.

And then, I took the second toys out of the bag. His pupil do that thing where they expant and contract madly. It's a pinata. Yes, a pinata. A classic one too - a donkey shaped in multi-colors. I adored it. It's got little eyes and everything. Everything that a bird would love to rip apart. However, of course, little Mr. Scaredy Pants won't go near it. He's not in full-freak-out where he just hangs upside down for hours on end. He's still trying to get to those fish and has been laughing, coughing and farting all evening with gusto. He just won't get on his upper perch near the horrible dangling thing. I guess he's just going to have to perch on his water bowl to sleep tonight. Poor buddy.

I shopped online like a maniac today. I realized that Jennifer was coming a week from today and that, shit, that meant that Christmas was really soon. Just about done now. I've hardly even hated Christmas this year. It's been pretty pain-free, what with online shopping and the freedom to not interact in public places with masses of strangers.

Morgan's Christmas program is Thursday night (at 8:00 pm, sob). I'm wondering what she will wear. Stay tuned, I'm sure it will be smashing.
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