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{Friday, December 03, 2004}

Boys In The Middle

Remember the movie, Boys On The Side? Well, that's true. Except that boys are in the middle. You have your girlfriends in school (and sometimes they torture you), then you have your girlfriends for real, the good girlfriends. Then you have the boys, the men you decide to mate with - so you can have your babies. Then the breeding years pass and wham, you have your girlfriends again. Sometimes they are the same ones, but often they are the ones you meet along the way, the ones that you meet that are along your same trajectory. The ones that say, yes, binkies at age 2 are fine, potty training at age 3 is fine, thumb-sucking at age 7 is sometimes the way that it goes.

I'm feeling lucky that I've met the best of the best girlfriends for me. We are having our third annual girlfriend Christmas party at my house tomorrow night and I'm savoring this thirty-something life of mine and the friends I've found along the way.
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Cats are Great, Plus More

I realized tonight that cats are the bomb in regards to replacing babies. They totally take care of themselves, number one. Everyone, especially mothers, have to love that. Number two, you can scoop them up in the baby position and, after their initial shock, they snuggle right in and get happy about it. You can even squeeze their feet up by their heads - no problem. They purr and shut their eyes while you kiss them in that spot between their eyes where their fur gets all swirly.

Someone said that they *wanted to be Lisa*. I have mulled that over. It's interesting to be envied. It's certainly not a life goal of mine. I've always done exactly as I pleased - even if it wasn't accepted or praised. Lately, it's been easier. Before I didn't mind being unenviable. Now, I like it. I like it a lot. Cleaner living is certainly easier to be happier about. It never stopped me before, but now that it's my preference, it's nice.

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{Monday, November 29, 2004}

Emma to Morgan (in kitchen alone):

"What do you think -- applesauce or low-carb jello?"

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