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{Tuesday, October 26, 2004}

I Think I'm Being Used

I'm fairly certain that I'm being used by my cat. She sashay's in, eats, and then meows to go back out. Sometimes she will take a nap. Often, she will complain if the bowl of kitten chow isn't heaping full. Occasionally, to treat us, she will flip over, encourage us to play and then rip our hands to shreds. If we're really lucky, she'll taking a huge leap at the dog, three feet up in the air, like a flying squirrel.

She does allow the dog to save her ass in catfights. The two cats that live behind us hate her. They are old and she is young. They are fat and she is lean. But whatever the reason, they frequently corner her and howl at her to show their extreme displeasure at her arrival in their hood. When we hear this (which is impossible not to hear, they howl like they mean it), I release The Hound and he happily chases off the offending cat. It's his life's work and he loves it.
posted by Lisa 6:34 PM