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{Sunday, October 17, 2004}

South Beach, Day Five

Five days on SB (well, my personal modified version, heh) - Pounds lost: 3.

Not swell, but not so bad considering:

Foods Eaten:

hard salami, cheddar cheese, provel cheese, brick cheese, velveeta (pretend) cheese, black olives, red wine, Michelob Ultra Beer, tons of roast pork, pork&n&beans, eggs (and more cheese!), pork sausage, JITB salads.

As always, once I get into it, it's not hard at all. Prior to this run, I had a three-day start-up going before I got that stinking cold. I was still doing it and then I thought -- HELL, I am suffering here, why should I not be eating potatoes! And so, I did. And then more, and then more. And then more with fake cheese and bacon. Ah, the good ole days.
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