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{Thursday, October 14, 2004}

We went to a bag sale bust, then decided to go to a thrit store in the shitty. Okay, so fine. I’m with my friend Sara and her kids (4 & 2). We park the ole minivan and go in.

When we come out Sara’s friend, Jane, is like, dude – why are your hazard lights on? She’s like WTF? We’re like huh? The meter maid comes and tells me that my friend is going to be really upset.

Someone (from hereonout referred to as The Robbers) busted out the passenger side window, pried out her stereo, took my purse (yes, yes, I left my freaking purse in the car..hey, I had my paypal card & phone, okay!). Sucky man, real sucky. She had just gotten $400 in cash and left it in the coupon holder — it was STILL THERE! HA! Bastards!

Then I call Steve to tell him, he tells me that he knows where my purse is. A chair company found it in their dumpster and we went to get it (after the left). Everything there, except for a credit card (which I’d already called in stolen). So – my life not hurt so bad. Drivers License intact – thank god, no DMV wait.
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{Tuesday, October 12, 2004}


all you can think to sing, after your guests leave is, " It's a family traditon......"

you might be a redneck.

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