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{Wednesday, October 06, 2004}

Real Live Humans

The cool thing about meeting someone and wanting to reproduce with them is the result of human issue. I mean, as mammals, we are like, Must Make Baby With You. An often, we mammals find a way. And you cook them in your body and you grow them and then, WAM, there ya go - RLH! The next thing you know, they are wanting to tell you shit and you're like, hell!, I just grew you in m uterus and now *you're* telling me shit! Who do you think you are?

I can see the attraction of having *lots * of humans. Thank god for 1.5 to 4.5 to keep us all from doing that! I remember so clearly, when Emma was a baby, thinking, man! I made this whole baby by myself with just the contribution of a single sperm - a sperm that you cannot even see with the naked eye! Ha! I am a amazing perk of nature!

Heck, I still feel that way. Just one teeny little sperm, then I grew it - I birthed it - I fed it with my own body.....oh, it's mine. Except she is herself now. She would, in no way, classify herself as a part of me. I can recall, so clearly, with both babies, walking through doorways and grazing their heads on them (ouch!) and wondering why I didn't feel that. Don't get me wrong, I didn't knock them out (they are both very smart!) - but enough to feel it - and I was so surprised, each time, that I couldn't feel that -- they were both such extentions of me - I was shocked that I couldn't feel something that had happened to them (note to pregnant women" watch those doorways!).

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Worse Than a Collie Over Here

So I've let my hair grow long again, mainly because it's just easier. In the past, my decision to cut my long hair has always included the hair loss pain in the ass. Some facts -- the average brunette loses 50 hairs a day, a blonde - 100. Even though my hair darkened with pregnancy each time, I must still be a blonde at heart (head) - I lose a hell of a lot.

During my recent illness, I tied my hair up on my head and didn't wash it for two days. When released from it's bondage so much hair came crashing out I was compelled to go stand on the porch and rake it until it seemed done. Now for the numbers. My hair is, on average, fourteen inches per strand - now just say I lose the 50-hairs-per-day -- that is 700 inches of hair lying around. Jesus, we should be hip deep in it by now!

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