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{Saturday, October 02, 2004}

mom, interrupted

I was sick this past week for a couple of days. Well, I'm still sick, but not incapacitated. However, for 2.5 days I layed on the couch with my nose leaking copiously and continuously. Not fun. Even though my own mother was here, it became frighteningly apparent how much I do around here - even though it appears I do nothing (but thrift shop like a crazy manic).

The house was trashed with papers, clothes, fast food paraphenalia and used kleenex (okay, mine). The dishwasher wasn't rotated for days, granted no food was cooked, so it didn't matter much. There are still no clean dishtowels or washcloths. I did rouse myself long enough those bitter days to e-mail my customers and acknowledge their payments to me. I even sealed up some bags, undoubtedly with germs aplenty, and sent them on their way.

So now, Morgan is sick and puking. Hopefully it's the same virus and she's just got hers focused in her stomach - typical for her. You know your kids are getting older when one them is puking and your husband still says, oh sure - go ahead to yard sales (and really means it). Viva toilet pukers!

Speaking of my excellent husband, he flew to Chicago and fetched my new van for me. It's quite the little plum. It yard-saled like a beaut this morning. It even made stopping at the grocery store a little less painful. What's more - I even listened to 'music' in the van. Well, for a while, until it got on my nerves.

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