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{Wednesday, August 25, 2004}

My betta knows that it freaks me out when she sleeps on the bottom of his bowl - yet, he does it anyway.

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{Monday, August 23, 2004}

Today was the first day of school. Emma's first day of 2nd grade and Morgan's first day of Kindergarten. The morning preparation was fairly uneventful. I was trying to avoid Morgan getting upset about anything so that things could move on at a smooth pace. Arrival, photographing and playgroup went fine. When I dropped Emma off in her class line, I have to leave her there and take Morgan to her line. It was clear that this was making her a little anxious, but she was putting on a brave face. Sweet girl. Last night she let Morgan sleep with Borne (her teddy bear she got when she was born) because M. couldn't sleep.

I finally got Morgan into her classroom and took her *desk* pictures. She started to smile, then caught herself. She wanted to make it clear that she wasn't all that happy about this crap.

Then I made it upstairs to Emma's classroom. It was all going so well, with the great, softspoken teacher talking and Emma sitting there with Rebecca, for the third year running. Amazing that it all going so quickly and they've been friends for so long. Emma's cheeks were red -- apparently she had been asked something that made her blush or she had gotten flustered in the class line outside. :(

Fast-forward to 1:00 p.m. when Bus 40 finally arrives (after Harley and I had walked up and down the block for 30 minutes!) and Emma gets off. And that's it - just Emma. I, of course, say, "WHERE is your sister???" and she says that she doesn't know. She wasn't on the bus and she didn't see her in the bus line. OH SHIT!

We zip home and call the school. They speedily find her on Bus 10 (handwriting mis-read) and she is home in 5 minutes. Poor little muffin. I tried to be cool about it - I knew she was probably freaked and if I appeared the same, she would agree. She bounced back pretty quickly and she ate and hurried out to go buy new tennis shoes. Nothing eases trauma like a couple of new things.

Morgan said that: (1) She asked EVERY kid in her class to play with her and they all said no, (2) the recess was VERY short, (3) they can only choose one center to play at each day; today she picked play-doh and it was terrible because the air-conditioner was blowing on it and it was very cold. She's doing everything she can to make it clear that she'd rather be home, riding her bike up and down the street. Poor buddy.

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