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{Friday, July 02, 2004}

So, I bathed.

Not that un-washing is a habit of mine, but bathing is not on the regular menu. It's more of the appetizer that you only order occasionally. Plus, it's not for the real meal, it's just for gluttony. Until now, the bath was simply for the jets, wine and candle, not for actual washing.

As we now have no shower, I bathed. So did Steve. The cat curiously walked around the edge of the tub. She thought it was amazing enough when Steve did it. When I pulled the same stunt she was no less intrigued. I was reading Oprah Home (as I am now no longer allowed to read Real Simple) enjoying my wine (hey, if the custom works, you keep it) and the cat paced back and forth around my head. Insert paw into water. Shake out wet paw all over me/magazine. Repeat. 100 times.

I am further confused about my life/housing choices after a day of being convinced (rather well, actually) that I should move to Portland. I've come to the decision that Arkansas would be a huge mistake (not even counting, well, okay counting, that the school reports show their test scores [I know, I know] at about half of the Eville schools. Half! That is shitty. Very shitty. Driving through another depressed town yesterday (plus thinking about all of those around here that I simply would not consider) I think I would hate, hate, hate it there.

I thought I was really doing well at going more minimalist. Not, like totally minimalist, possessing no items, ha, as if, but - you know - better. Well, apparently not. According to the huge bin of crap that I got out of the main floor bathroom today, I haven't applied that principle to that area of the house yet. I have the oft-told problem of being sure that I'll need such-and-such item the second I discard it. Then I'll be forced to Walgreens or the dreaded Walmart to pay $5 for the same item. Why that is so terrifying, I have no idea. I mean, I need Nair, alcohol, fluoride rinse, band aids, allergy pills, two kinds of pain pills, dental floss, and I could go on. Don't I? Don't I? Wow - there may be a tornado, must check. Wind sounds super-high and I never hear the wind from the downstairs of this house.....

Ah, no....Just pounding rain. And that's great because I haven't watered the hostas or any of the outdoor plants since, um, well since last summer. I'm sure Grammie has though and the children inadvertently. They're all really doing well - especially since it hasn't even been hellishly hot (yet).

Dipping my ears under the water, (more tub news) to rise my hair, has apparently freaked them out. Immersion! Was that really necessary? they ask. And yes, it was quite needed thank you very much. My belly button is burned. Sunburned that is. When we went to Keyesport Tuesday, I sunblocked like a madwoman, but apparently missed the BB. It's pissed about it too. I'm sorry and will never let it happen again. It was a fluke I swear!

My attempts to find Hank a wonderful family with which to relocate with (i.e. unload him) are coming up empty-handed. There is no way that I can't mention the indoor peeing and that's always a deal-breaker. If I were a better house-breaker, I could set him straight and then unload. He's super crafty about it though, easier for him as he's doing it not to relieve himself, but to mark some
territory for his domain. sigh.
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"I'm not going to go anywhere - except where I'm going." Morgan, referring to god knows what.

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