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{Wednesday, June 09, 2004}

Cat Math

So, this cat is maybe a loser. (Heh, maybe I should write *looser*....I love it when people type than when intending 'loser' - it always makes me say to myself, 'looser than what?', but whatever). The kitten is in Math 101. You know, you see that cat sitting there, looking at the counter, and you can practically *see* the math going on in the bubble above it's head. This kitten has no such bubble -- it just springs and.....misses, often. It could just be me - that I've not been around a kitten for so long, that I forgot abuot the learning curve. Or, it's just the village idiot. Whichever, it's a happy one, totally oblivous to it's plight. Ballsy too - Hank runs her over thoroughly every day and she doesn't stop coming at him.

Today was our 10th wedding anniversary. Got married in East Alton we did. Me, Steve and Ginny. Well, Ginny didn't get married, just us. I wore a two-piece red suede suit (vest/skirt) and Ginny wore a pale pink traditional suit. The judge thought that she was the bride. :)
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