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{Saturday, June 05, 2004}

Camping Tips from the Indoorsy

So, we camped, June 1-3. It was fantastic really - that's the summary. I had a wonderful time and the humans the and food were unbelieveable. However, I'm not very good at this camping stuff, having come from 'why would you go outside?' genetic stock. I thought I'd throw together a little, Lessons Learned:

Cook your intended cookable food beforehand. We had full fridge/stove/icebox availability and reheating should have been king.

Start planning/packing before the day you're going to leave. I took waaaay too much of some things - like blankets. Planning would have been helpful here. *This* is the blow-up bed, *these* are the covers for it, etc.

Consolidate things via 'area'. We had a pool - I should have put *all* pool related items (suits, towels, sunblock, radio) in that one bag. Fill each bag with *every single thing that you'll need. Don't have too many half-empty bags.

Take a large cooler with water and dixie cups for kids. Those kids opened 20 water bottles and drank one drink. They also did without liquids far too much I suspect. Disposable cups, water that kids can get themselves.....key.

Plan to sleep in area nearby to latenight fire. We could have put 20 mattresses in the dining hall and made those beds for our sleepy kids. What's the diff?

Extension cords!
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{Monday, May 31, 2004}

I notice that Steve is putting his jeans on the table now instead of the floor. A few nights ago, Hank peed on them. I told Steve that I could just see Hank walking up to them, smelling them and going, 'Yep, he's mine' and lifting the ole leg.

Harley is in love with the kitten. And no, I know what you're thinking - it's not ONLY because of the unlimited butt sniffing opportunities that she provides. They actually play together really well. She tries to play with Hank, but he just ends up snapping and she's done with all that. Harley is a good playmate and she loves to attack his stump. Match made in heaven.

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