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{Thursday, May 27, 2004}

Recent Quotes of Interest:

"Those are not your panties."
- Lola, after seeing her mother's panties because she threw a 5-minute hissy fit/tantrum wanting to do so.

"The milk is good today; the cows must have stood still."
- Emma, a week before turning seven

"I'm smart now that I'm five."
- Morgan, in the van, 5th birthday
posted by Lisa 11:46 PM

{Wednesday, May 26, 2004}

I cleaned my refrigerator out a couple of days ago and it's still such a shock to open the door. It's amazing. I had the same experience with my van a few weeks back. Took a couple of hours, a wheelbarrow for the trash and a full bottle of Oxy Clean, but it looked (and smelled) great. HA! After three weekends of yardsaling (which, by the way, is exhausting) it is full of food wrappers, markers, crayons, crumpled tissues, empty water bottles and miscellaneous crappy little yard sale toys.

It's all so discouraging. I mean, if you managed to have your icebox and your van clean at the same time, there would still be your desk, your closet, your laundry room -- the list goes on to infinity. Then, say your house and vehicle are all clean *and* organized . . . then you know what you have to face - those years of photos that need to be cutely scrapbooked. Oh no, I'm not falling into that trap.
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{Sunday, May 23, 2004}

Due to circumstances beyond my control - or at least not of my making, I've gained and lost a grown and ill cat and gained a kitten. I've been totally bewitched by the kitten, I must admit. But tonight, she is galloping through the house like kittens do and I am smitten. She's a part-timer here but, really, I'm having trouble allowing her to go to her home or origin. She's so dear. Today I took video tape of her nursing in her sleep.
posted by Lisa 8:54 PM