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{Saturday, May 22, 2004}

Today was Morgan's dance recital. It was too charming. I actually remember it being much more grueling with Emma, but maybe I am more seasoned. There was a certain amount of boredom after hair/make-up and before lining-up, but it was very minimal. The excitement of the situation inspired me to open the box of DV tapes and install one in the video-cam that I don't know how to use. I figured it out enough to film the green room, the entire recital number and the post-party (lunch) at Red Lobster, but as far as I can tell, it's a hostage of the camera.

OMG, at Red Lobster we watched the dance number on the screen. I took a shot at how to start it -- you *****touch***** the screen. It's all touch screen for stop/ff/play/etc. OMG!!!!! I am Swoon City over here.

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Emma, going through the yard sale purchases for the day: "Oh Mommy! You got _No, David!_ -- that's a classic!"
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{Wednesday, May 19, 2004}

It May Have Rained a Hell of a Lot if:
There are four mallards in the ditch in front of Walmart.

Late Breaking News:
Emma and Morgan have found a rollie polie olie and a 'centipeter'.

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{Sunday, May 16, 2004}

I awoke to the light from the window shining on the dagger that was impacted in my forehead. I lay there squinting from the pain while trying to decide what exactly was the problem. Yes, there was wine at the MNO last night and yes, I did go to bed at 2:00 a.m., but still - the pain was much too fierce to be explained by those two things. I moved my head experimentally . . . arrrrrgh . . . impacted sinuses! Well, I suppose that the cottonwood spores that I saw floating around yesterday are hazardous to me. So, I'm up! I'm up -- geez. The pain, she is blinding. Thankfully, 72 kleenexes and a handful of pills later, the steely knife is gone and I'm on my way to being merely tired as hell.

The kids are going to the baseball game today with Mom & Dad, so I need to get them cutened up before their departure. The weather is superb, they should have a great time.

Sharon was Not. Happy. with my news of the interview and possible change of venue in our lives. She said that it's hard to find a BFF (best friend forever) and I simply couldn't do that to her. I told her that, oh, how I knew - but nothing was even happening yet so I couldn't speculate. I rarely meet people that I like - I know how that is. The idea of NO friends less than eight hours away is unthinkable. sob.

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