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{Tuesday, May 11, 2004}

I just fed the fish. Some of the stupider ones crack me up. They just come to the top, mouths open. No food in sight yet, but optimism is aplenty. It's like chewing in advance, hoping someone will throw food in your mouth.

My husband is returning from Arkansas today. I doubt he'll beat the trash men though, so I should get off my toocas and roll the can out to the end of the sidewalk.

Morgan had her dance photos taken last night. Oh man, did she look great! A red flapper outfit, complete with loads of fringe and a red feathery hair-piece. Actually, they all looked divine together, dressed up like a herd of midget flappers.

Michelle has The Sweetest Kitten and it's hard to get Morgan home these days. She does bring it here to 'babysit' it, but the Clayton girls don't always allow it when they're home. It is the greatest kitty - kitteny playfulness, but total bonelessness and calmness when you're holding it. Harley is quite adoring as well.

Emma lost a tooth last night and woke early to see what the Tooth Fairy had come through with ($1). It's odd, her having been up almost an hour already. It'll seem like noon after I drop her off at school.

I have this day 'free'. I have so many options of things to do, it is overwhelming. What I really *want* to do is read my camcorder book and start shooting. However, I need to list auctions and doing something that will produce income is a smarter idea. I also need to make a trip to the Evil Empire for a huge multitude of household items. No dishwasher soap - that explains the gravity of the situation, no?
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