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{Monday, May 03, 2004}

Well dance season appears to be in full swing. It just goes along all school year, without making any trouble, then WHAM! So, I bought two recital tickets tonight (can't buy more until next week!), filled out the photographer paperwork, paid for the final month, realized I needed to bring the Morg in full splendour to class next week, realized I need to secure child-size-five tan pantyhose by such time . . . I guess still to come is the form for the DVD of the performance and the registration for next year. Birthdays are the weekend after the recital. Emma wants a sleepover. I told her no way.

The Sopranos was especially good this week. Several LOL moments, now typically reserved for Deadwood. The show (DW) has the most excellent dialogue. And so cleverly delivered.
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{Sunday, May 02, 2004}

I'm sitting in a new (to me) computer chair and man, does it feel different! I've had the same one for over eight years I believe. It is a mere skeleton now - the cushy part in the seat was all worn out so I would frequently get poked in the ass by the innards. Actually, I don't miss it at all. Well, okay, maybe I do miss the pee stain from Morgan a little bit.

Cleaned the van out today. Geez louise - it was a hellhole. Now I'm sure that's no surprise to anyone who has ever ridden in my van before, but the horrors amazed even me, Mistress of Van Horrors. The cupholders, in particular, were stunning. I also swiped out the truck and it was inches deep with real dirt. Spending it's days in the Hot Zone of environmental wastelands and then frequent weekends in the Missouri dustbowl, it doesn't have a chance. I took two or three layers off - it really needed some industrial brushing and I was merely sporting Armour All wipes. I did Febreeze the hell out of it though. P-U.

South Beach, Week #3 is complete today. Weight loss = 13 lbs. Left to go = 8 lbs. Will I make it? Well, I'll probably make it, but how long it will take will be the question. By my birthday would be swell. Yesterday I went HOG.WILD. with blueberries. In fact, my fingers are still stained. They were frozen, and OH, so delish - I don't really even regret it. Tonight are crab cakes with a cream sauce and those fab roasted vegetables.

I think I'm going to become a human guinea pig for Splenda. I've been buying products that sport it in great quantity. I'm downloading lists of products that contain it -- I looooove it. I had a Diet Rite cola last week. Better than aspartame, but the cola itself was lacking goodness. There are tons more and I intend to try them. Propel, long a fave in this house, has it -- yipee-hippee.

Follow-Up: Liquid plumber was not called into service. Steve said it would be futile. He had to take the drain apart and get the spaghetti out. Yuck.

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