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{Sunday, April 18, 2004}

So....yesterday I fed all of the kids spaghetti (no red sauce, thank god), but had about half a pound left over. It sat on the table for hours, then finally before I went to bed, I decided to deal with it. Unfortunately, I didn't think it over very much. I turned on the faucet and flipped the pan over, turning on the disposal. Those noodles disappeared in one second. I left the disposal running for a bit, then turned it off and went to bed.

Fast forward to this morning. I'm rinsing out some cups and preparing to make coffee. The sink is filling, not draining, so I reach down to flip on the disposal switch. Some small instinct must have made me hold a small bowl over the other side of the sink, not covering it, but blocking it from my immediate person. Good thing too because GOOD LORD grey water and pasta pieces are flying 3 feet up in the air. Stunned, I can't even turn off the disposal and stop the geyser. Finally, I get a grip on myself and turn off the disposal. Oh my. I tried to bail one sink and get enough pasta out of the drain opening to clear it, but it just kept filling up from the other side.

Next post: A review of liquid plumber.

posted by Lisa 7:48 AM