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{Tuesday, April 13, 2004}

Okay now, Day Two of no flour, no sugar. Not doing too bad. Evenings are going to be the hardest, I'm sure. I remembered my sister-in-law saying, in a mad Atkins panic, "Have you ever noticed how SWEET lettuce tastes?????" I replied, diplomatically, that I was sure that after no sugar, other foods would appear to be more sweet. Then I kindly asked how long she had been on the diet. "Oh, just today".

Emma is doing a state report. State of her choice. I steered her to Oregon. She's regaling me with Oregon facts as we drive to Applebee's for take-out. I now know more about it than I ever did - and it's only been 90 minutes since we left the library. It's her entire homework for the week. She's taking it very seriously. It's quite cute -- reports I remember as being drudgery. She, however, is loving the books that we checked out and really reading them and taking them to heart. I must pay attention and notice when that love of learning turns. Maybe it never will. Hey, a person can hope for the best right?

I picked up the house massively today. It's so lovely that I secretly desire to shoo everyone out and not allow them to disrobe or emit any dirt/clutter. Morgan is taken care of -- on my trek to library and Applebee's she conked out watching fishing (hey, who wouldn't?). She's been tired all day, despite it being a *day off* for her. She had her fist session of "Wee Rollers" today at the YMCA. It's gymnastics and they learned falling today. [Sidebar: The Western Meadowlark is the state bird.] Morgan, and old pro at falling (the kid only wears platform shoes), loved it. As small and as wirey as she is, I think that gymnastics might be an excellent fit for her. I will probably keep enrolling her until she complains. Her dance recital is a little over a month away. If the kids really learn the routine, it's going to be excellent. Very cute, not cutesy like last year's 3-4 class.

I worked out today. Heck, if I'm not going to eat Ben & Jerry's and cheese fries, may as well go all the way baby! Clearly, my two years of working out there left some indent in my spongy brain - I went right through my old routine without missing a beat. Okay, I did reduce my weights because, hell, it's been a loooong time. And, shit, the treadmill speed must be *reduced* because it was all I could do to flip through my magazine and not fly off the back of that sucker. All in all, as I knew it would, it felt good and I'm going back tomorrow. Michelle, who has lost about 12 lbs. recently (that bitch), suggested we walk the dogs at night. However, by evening, I'm pretty much 'done in' and object to doing anything more strenuous than lying on the couch.

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