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{Wednesday, February 18, 2004}

So, I'm all decked out as a flybaby today (well today beginning after *noon*) to attempt to see if it works to discourage me from being so 'depressive and lazy' and Maura to eloquently put it (about herself though). Dressed here, in actual day-time-wear and wearing shoes. Not lace-ups, but hell I didn't say I'd gone completely crazy. They're clogs, but they make me taller and somehow that always makes me more productive.

Since removing my normal jammie-pants/sweatshirt combo that I live in from October til May, I have: put a roast in the crockpot, started laundry, started a load of dishes in the dishwasher and printed shipping invoices. I hope this roll keeps going (you know, more than 1 hour) and I get the remaining items packaged up and into the van, where they almost always drive themselves to the post office. Thank goodness for that at least.

I only had six hours of sleep last night, which is very unusual and not enough for me to even be my regular below-mediocre. I read until midnight-plus then awoke at 6:19 a.m. *unable* to go back to sleep. That never happens. I quite hate it. Normally, I can sleep as long and possible and then more. And I like it that way.

My desk is a complete horror scene of receipts, shipping invoices, bills, school papers, girl scout sign-ups, medical receipts, and generals TODOs. It is so overwhelming that it is depressing. I may walk the dog to CVS - perhaps it will cheer us both and we I will be able to force myself to cultivate the "hate it but do it" portion of my brain that I read about last night - some work by John Lehnhoff, a psychologist.

Or maybe I'll just get a blow-pop and then come home and do my taxes, or my sister's, or fill out the flex-spending form, or balance the checking account, or pay the bills from the 15th, or vacuum, or clean the bird cage, or clean the dog footprints off of the kitchen floor, or list ten auctions, or sort the huge, looming pile of recently acquired inventory into their proper bins, or put three baskets of laundry away (sorted into outfits of course), or lay on the couch and watch My Big Fat Obnox Fiance. Who knows?
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