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{Wednesday, January 14, 2004}

Walking Morgan back to the van after dance class Monday night. She saw something on the ground in the parking lot. She says, "Someone threw their gum wrapper on the ground. That's not very appropriate."

Last night, playing UNO: Daddy was getting frustrated at not winning [ahem]. Morgan tells him, "Daddy, it's **only** a game...."

Emma, meanwhile, has informed me just in the last 12 hours that she is *embarrassed* to wear a skirt on the bus (because everyone on there tell her not too -- btw, I'm going to kick their asses) *and* that Kate brings, like, five things in her lunchbox and Emma brings only two. So, I had to add something to it -- and then I ate lunch with her and she didn't want it. I think the *extra* item in still in the lunchbox in the van.
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