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{Tuesday, November 25, 2003}

Household Tip

When you can no longer get to the washing machine -- it's probably time to do laundry!

School is out for six days, starting today. I am going to have a Girl's Day Out with the kids. We're going to the New Mall and do anything they want (with the exception of ice skating; I'm not ready to bust my ass so close to Thanksgiving). I expect junk food, ice cream, theater and toys to come into play. It's absolutely ages since we've done anything with just our family. Now that they have Friends, they spend a lot of time in their company.

My husband has entered a gun raffle twice in his life and lo, twice he has won. (I wish this luckiness extended to lottery). This last one (still to be confirmed and picked-up) is worth $550.00! Naturally, he has no wish for it, but he *does* have a wish for another one - so the plan will be to sell/trade for the desired gun. Pretty groovy.

Last night I had a parent/teacher conference with Emma's 1st grade teacher. She said that Emma was wonderful (of course) and that she was doing very well and was a pleasure to have in class. She's young. I'm sure she's loathe to say anything *bad*, but I know that (so far) Emma is very happy with school. I can't recall how long I felt this way about school (not remembering much before 4th grade), but I hope it lasts quite a while for her. I won't be sending her when it starts to be a total waste of 7 hours a day. Of course, by then the social factor might be a plus for her (*or* a big minus, who knows). As expected, her art teacher raves about her and points out her work to her regular teacher. I'd like to find some workshops for her where she could do real art.

I had thirty auctions end on Sunday and I'm adrift in a sea of priority mail bags and packing slips. Eeek. Note to self: stagger those babies out next time. But, what's done is done - I just have to hope that the person behind me in the postal drive-thru line doesn't have a gun.
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