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{Thursday, October 16, 2003}

"Getting Hank to stop barking is like trying to keep Rush from e-mailing his maid." - Michelle.
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{Wednesday, October 15, 2003}

Today is Jennifer's birthday. And she is thirteen years older than the day I first set eyes on her. And that is half of her lifetime. Now that is trippy. Of course I feel like I've known her all of my life, but lord, it's almost true! So happy birthday Jennifer! Man, did you turn out great.

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{Sunday, October 12, 2003}

That's What You Get for Not Dying

This skinny, sweet old chap was behind me at Market Basket yesterday. He was buying one head of lettuce and one jar of horseradish. Both girls were with me and he commented, "I see you've got your help with you." I said, yes, plenty of help (in a rare, unannoyed way because he didn't immediate annoy me) -- and he said he'd 'had ten'. I said, "Ten children?" and he said, "Yep, ten children, 49 grandchildren, 8 great-grandchildren and one due in December." Well, now I luff him because he knows a due date. Then he says, "Well, that's what you get for not dying," and that his wife had died, 19 years ago in January. (more sweet). Then he went on to start sweet-talking the checker.

It all reminded me of a book from a mother that had the idea to hook up the children and the elderly. Both are often lacking in companions and they could definitely have some give and take there.
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