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{Tuesday, September 30, 2003}

There's always that one day that you've donned your socks and your sweatshirt and you're doing the laundry. You get something out of the dryer to fold it and think, 'What was I (or that kid) doing wearing *this*???' because it's a halter or a tank top and you are currently freezing. It happens that quickly. Last week it was 84, this week it's 48. There will be more warm days (in fact, today is supposed to be brisk and then warm back up again), but it's most definitely 'changeover' time -- out with the shorts, in with the sweatpants. Emma is relieved that she can wear her favorite sweatshirts again. I had to hide them over the summer, otherwise she'd be out on a hot and humid July day with a sweatshirt on.

I have The Cold That Won't Go Home and I guess it's progressed into a sinus infection or an ear infection. Well, *some* kind of infarction. I feel farc'd, that's for sure. Too cold, too hot, hair doesn't fit correctly on head, skin flaking off of nose because of over-wipeage, generally grey.

The dining room table is covered with eBay clothes, recently sorted (as if the cold wasn't depressing enough). I'm trying to get up the gumption and energy to move them to their rightfully marked boxes, but nothing is happening. I got the Red Fish saved from Spot The Bully in the nick of time. His poor beautiful fins are all chopped up from Gourami attacks. Spot is still, almost 24 hours later, looking for Red Fish in all of his regular hiding places. That asshole.

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{Monday, September 29, 2003}

I'm so cut off from society. This is the third weekend without the satellite. The third Sunday that has passed. The third Carnivale that I have missed. It's hopeless -- I'll have to wait three years and get the DVD. I'll be in my 40's before I watch that show. Note to self to call the satellite company and ask for more money back. I swear, and it won't be so hard to believe, that I've never wanted to watch t.v. more than I have recently. Knowing it's not available has made it tantalizing beyond belief.

Steve put a batch of guppy babies in the nursery tank and the red Betta in residence promptly gulped one up. That got him booted, needless to say. So, now he's in a 10 gallon tank with Spot the Gourami. Spot isn't keen on this idea. Fasinatingly, Red Betta has made himself *part* of the dark fake plant in the tank. Currently, he's 100% vertical being a stalk. And it's working! Spot keeps swimming over, gawking at the plant, then swimming away shaking his head (well, you know).

On Saturday I bought a Little Tikes dollhouse with *all* off the accessories. Mini cozy coupe, check. Mini play kitchen, check. Mini turtle sandbox, check. It's amazing, it's divine, I love it. I love it even more after seeing that the mini log cabin goes for $50 - yipee. Anyway, the kids love it too and have been playing with it quite hard since it got here. Now, children being what they are, they don't care that this piece goes with this house, etc. So, a Groovy girl might be sleeping in a Loving Family dollhouse on a Little Tikes bed. It's all very upsetting to me, but I try not to freak. Anyway, as I kick it all out of my way on the landing last night trying to get to the stairs, I notice a mini-Bratz girl in the Little Tikes house (circa 1980's) looking like a hooker the square Dad has brought home.
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