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{Sunday, September 14, 2003}

My goodness, what a shitty blogger I am. Emma started soccer yesterday - this year they have a goalie *and* they keep score. They lost 2-3. Her best friend is now on the team so her already-positive feelings about the sport have increased. She even chose to go to the game tomorrow night instead of her second dance class.

Morgan is loving preschool and is, like last year, making up Tall Tales about the people and activities. "My teacher from last year went to Columbus..." This comes from Emma's K-aide taking a job at another elementary school. Morgan hates to be the one without any news.

I have (drumroll) a closet! A real closet. It's so beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, that I'm putting off installing the clothing into it. I feel like I should not befoul it with faded, non-fitting or out-of-season clothing. So there is a project for me. Now Steve is working on the *Suitcase & Large Storage* closet in our room. Lastly (closet-wise at least) will be the cedar-lined linen closet. We have a closet-rich room! That is a good thing though - we are losing the one at the top of the stairs as it is metamorphasized into a half-bath.

Lord, the day is slipping away and I'll I've got to show for it is that some portions of the top of my desk are sticking out. And not even all of them. Okay, I *did* do a slew of paperwork -- that's hard to SEE though.

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