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{Sunday, July 27, 2003}

It is the height of summer and I was just sitting outside listening to the quintessential summer sounds of evening -- the secada's singing their song, the crickets doing their bit, dogs barking in the distance, the roar of the air conditioner motor, Kathy screaming at Harley, and the hiss of the OFF! aresol depleting the ozone. Ah, summer, sweet summer.

We're in serious countdown until our Portland trip now. It will be The Lake this coming weekend, then one off, then off to Portland the following Saturday. I should actually just stay packed from the Lake weekend and add some long-sleeves and jeans to the mix. Oh yeah, and toss out the myriad of bathing suits. I have seen some condos with heated pools in the complex, but I'm really looking more toward a house.

We watched a video of Morgan's early months today. Not extra-early, but cute early -- lots of baby laughing/screaming and cuteness. We even ensnared Steve and he watched too. It definitely gets your reproductive juices thinking . . . but then, thankfully, I popped into Michelle's and it was *bedlam*. Oh my, just in the nick of time. It's a quandry, that longing for babyhood, but the horrors of all the rest of it. Not horrors exactly, but man, it's intense. So intense that you really can't enjoy it in real time. And home videos, oh man, how *non* depictive of how it really is. No one takes shot of the dark circles under your eyes and the puke smell on your shirt, the No Free Moments To One's Self . . . that's all swept under the carpet. And rightly so, who wants to remember that crap?

I'm sure that's the whole gig with the grandbabies appeal. It's much smaller quantities, so it's intensely sweet. I'm *ready*. I feel like I shouldn't have to wait much longer -- I'm *so ready*. Of course, no one else is, *nor* are they nearby, so -- I'll just have to kiss Lola's head and wait for the world to change.

We went swimming in Wendy (Wemby to Lola)'s pool today -- divine. The pool factor makes the most hellish hot/humid day absolutely splendid. It's amazing. So, Busch Light and blow-up rafts -- that's the bomb. There was even a chip orgy follow-up -- fairly hard to top. Emma is swimming underwater now, plus a lot of other *official* strokes. She can sit on the bottom of the pool, float, etc. She's fearless - definitely her father's good fish genes.

I'm oh-so-ready to head to the Lake next weekend. It was postponed this weekend because of an unfortunately leak in the acid plant. I feel like I've missed the whole summer there. The zucchinis will be spoiled by the time I get there. I'm ready for tree frogs and whipperwhils, scorching heat and grease popping around the fish. Oh bay-bee.
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