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{Wednesday, July 16, 2003}

It started as a day like any other, but it got jiggy at the end. Piles of stuff everywhere, a quickie trip to Goodwill, things to box and mail, things to photograph and list. It's definitely how I'll remember this era. For an exciting twist, Ginny is flying in tomorrow for a week. The annual AEL girls pontoon party is Saturday and she's a surprise guest.

I was putting the kids into bed and got the call from Michelle that there was a stench outside so strong that she thought that a pile of tires was on fire. She said that it could be a skunk but was so unbelievably strong, it was hard to believe it wasn't something more drastic. After I hung up, I started to smell the skunk smell in the kids room (all sealed up with the a/c on). So, I went downstairs, opened the back door and took a whiff - yes, skunk. I called Michelle back and told her that it was indeed just a cat-sized animal who was pissed off. Then....I heard the barking and got that sinking feeling in my stomach. I braced myself and called Harley. He raced in, fumes billowing off of him in brownish-green halos. Oh man. I got out the dog shampoo while Steve got up and started to attack Harley and his stink. I calmed him and put dog into the tub, closing the bathroom door. All sealed up like that, the smell starts to take on a whole different meaning.

And so, a half-hour bath commenced. First, the flea and tick shampoon. Then, the citrus shampoo (of mine). And finally, a final rinse with lemon juice. Oh the dog was sorry. So sorry. I didn't mean to bark at that stinky cat, really! I just wanted to smell it's ass -- I had *NO* idea! Then, in a final blow of punishment, Harley had to go to the garage for the night. Upon smell review this a.m., it seems that only his leather collar remains horrible. I need to get it off of him and either figure out a way to clean it, or toss it. [sob] I love his Harley collar.
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