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{Tuesday, June 03, 2003}

You know how when your house is a total disaster and everyone goes to bed and you clean it up in like 15 frenzied minutes? That was me tonight. Then I just popped into the kitchen to refill my tea and !Whoosh! the heavenly sight of a clean kitchen nearly swept me off of my feet! Friday night I cleaned this house to the edges. Meaning, I didn't clean under the microwave cart, but I got damned close. By today, Tuesday, it was *horrible*.

Of course, I have to factor in Party Prep on Saturday and actual Party Here on Sunday, but still - pretty amazing. The influx of toys and the paper/boxes they arrived in also come into play in the quantity of things. Nevertheless, the amazing speed in which a house can be trashed is simply amazing to me. It's like a hangover, it surprises me every time.

And speaking of, but not really, I didn't drink a drop yesterday (which, admittedly is odd given this is springtime and I have a girlfriend right next door) and then weighed this morning. OMG! S.I.X. pounds less than my heaviest weight this past weekend. OMG! Needless to say, I joined AA this afternoon. Okay, I didn't, but I only had one-half a glass of wine today as well. And, also, I didn't eat like a lot yesterday either. Last week's cake orgy left me a bit o.d.'d on sugar (amazing as that may seem) and it Is Time. Especially as this is JUNE (and not March) and it could easily be 85 and time to go to the Carlyle Lake beach next week. So, I'm on the wagon, for all things that bear calories.

Eating in the evening it seems is not to hard to give up after you're used to it. It seems like more of a habit, like smoking at a certain time. When you smoke, you always smoke at certain times, like after a meal or whatever. When you're quiting, *those* are the **hardest** times. As it turns out that this eating gig is too. Eating after the kids have gone to bed or when I'm watching a certain t.v. show - those are habits that now that I've started to break them, aren't so heartbreakingly missed.
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{Monday, June 02, 2003}

Well, good grief, spring retreated and we're back to March. It's 50 degrees and the heat is on (and has been on all day). My husband unit spent 10 hours today executing the formation of his horseshoe pit. Sounds like a small deal, doesn't it? Nothing one would spend 10 hours on surely.

Actually, if he hadn't already bought the sand a few days ago, that time would have had to be factored in as well. The digging of the 6' x 6' hole (the first one) was a major time-suck. It was absolutely *full* of roots and took forever. He was all ready for the second one to be the same and then he got a break and it was lovely, black dirt - all root free. He poured the concrete, wheelbarrowed in the sand and viola - there ya go. I should also mention that it rained *ALL* day - so all of this constructing was done in the rain. He said it had better be damned fun. He said I'll throw a horseshoe tomorrow and my arm will probably come off (he's rather sore).

The birthday parties (as I made mention of yesterday) are over. Praise Jesus. I recall this feeling of relief from past years, but I really out-stupided myself this year and had TWO parties. Of course, the first one was off-site (otherwise....I'd be dead), but the second one was here and looooooong. Emma's party was at the Children's Museum and it really was great. The kids were fully engrossed in all of the museum's many activities. As another plus, the place has only been open a few months, so it was new to all of the kids. There were ten there plus the birthday girl.

Morgan's party (which she sulked throughout) was a Beach Party in the backyard. Thankfully, it was *not* 52 and raining. It was about 71 with short bursts of sunshine. And that was good, because we had the pool set up and the kids all got in it. Carlie and Michelle saved the day many times over by doing such things and making the cake, starting the games, and many other generalized proddings that I required. After people started to head out (and my allergy attack had begun) Morgan began to cheer up. Dad said that it was because all of those people had gone home. Mom and I theorized that perhaps she doesn't like people, like maybe could be said about her own mother *and* her Grandfather, often her own Father and, gee, come to think of it - her big sisters. Note to self: Smaller Party for Morgan next year. She *did* enjoy the gift-opening.

Adding to my exciting, stress-filled weekend was the due date of the Preschool yearbook. I was the committee of One for Morgan's class. Okay, fine. I took pictures like a maniac most of the year to be sure I'd have enough. And I did. So good - one thing down. What I planned poorly for (notice a theme here?) was the time it would take me to lay it all out. I did it in Powerpoint, which was a good choice for me because (a) I mostly know it and (b) I possess the program. Then I had a little printing showdown when choosing the right settings for the card stock I was required to turn it in on.

Meanwhile, I was so flustered Saturday (the due date) with Emma's party prep that I called the chairperson (poor long-suffering Ami from the Christmas committee) and asked what *time* they were being picked up to be taken to be copied. She made the big mistake of telling me they weren't going to be picked up until Monday, so you *know* when I got it there. Oh yeah, 11:00 a.m. Monday. And three people hadn't turned in their money *and* another one left a voice mail for me about 2:00 p.m. today telling me she wanted a YB. Oh GAWD.

Coco is all fluffed over there trying to sleep (well he was until I started complimenting him). His favorite new hangout is the shower curtain. I forgot to give him any time in there tonight, but he is totally in love with it. I stick him up there and he is King Bird. He almost refuses to come down, no matter how long he's been up there. He just ducks his head down to let me scratch it (when he knows full-well that's not my point).

I watched the season finale of Six Feet today (during the daytime with, oh, 12 interruptions by children - not even mine!). It was good - it was fine. There were certain things that I wasn't crazy about, now that I've had time to think it over. I didn't like the over-romanticizing about the abortion; I didn't like the Rico cliche storyline of 'wife doesn't listen to me, so I shall go out and get a blow job from a stripper'; I didn't like the over-sweet thing about Gabe taking care of his brother. It was all sort of *sweet* and that's not like this show. Nate's fight scene was wild - Morgan watched it with me - and his going to Brenda: typical since it seemed she might have a sliver of a chance with a normal person. I loved Claire's total out-loud sobbing during the wedding - the icing was that no one acted like it was odd or unusual at all.

I really remotivated to lose these most recent 5 lbs. I don't know what did it, but I hope it sticks around. Eight would be better, but hey, just Back to where I was would be swell. I have a crazy sprained knee, otherwise I'd be back at the gym. Actually, I'll probably go and just do non-knee-stressing weights for a while. The chiropractor said it would be about 6 weeks to fully heal.

Oh, he was a doozy. Think 100% polyester Sansabelt pants, think imitation leather (squeaky almost) loafers, think helmet of hair Aquanetted within an inch of it's life. Actually, think all that and then reduce to about 85% - that's about right. And ohmygawd, in LUFF with himself - he's clearly The Greatest. He was almost openly irritated that I couldn't remember the incident that had given me this injury. In fact, I almost got to the point of taunting him with it - hell, if I *had* remembered, I wouldn't have told him by then. ;) The nurse-type chic with the therapy, she was a bright spot. British accent. The office - dreadful - panelling and 8' x '8 rooms. And why am I attending this shithole? Insurance covers it of course! And as an aside, the knee is much better than it was 5 days ago. I'll go back for one more visit and then I might try the other covered chiro downtown. Heck, couldn't be worse.

Okay, I'm starting to freeze here and my bird is succumbing to shut eyelids. I must sign off. Tomorrow I will outline my New Program for Not Procrastinating (after getting my ass kicked all over the place these last 3 days) and list eBay (heh, speaking of procrastination).
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{Sunday, June 01, 2003}

If I ever even *act* like I want to have a children's birthday party here EVER again, please someone, beat me repeatedly about the head and shoulders until I come to my senses. Good lord. I'm just not cut out for that sort of thing.

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