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{Sunday, May 25, 2003}


I'm always confused when people lament about the no-spring and no-fall situation here in our midwest. I see the trees but and I see them change colors - hey, spring and fall -- what more do ya want? But, oh baby, these past few weeks have been *spring*. It's been in the 70's for weeks and is forcasted for the upcoming week as well. I have to admit, it's been swell. Of course, I am also looking forward to *hot* when Wendy's pool will be cold and waiting.

Morgan called me a 'doofus' tonight while I was showering her. Oh, that's new. Harley has rediscovered his love for his squeaky Santa and Coco promptly pulled the corresponding squeak out of his archives.

Carlie and Barbra have some visiting teen boys out there on the deck. I just pulled back the curtain and waved at them (the girls were oh-so-hoping they would show up) and the girl waved like humans and boys were typical neanderthals. Harley is out there barking at them - I'm sure he senses danger.

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