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{Monday, May 19, 2003}

Emma had a mini-adventure today. She was talking to Katie and forgot to get off the bus at her stop. Olivia noticed that I was home and *not* with Emma and that she remembered Emma on the bus. Sophia did this previously this year so we knew that the driver would just come around again. Emma said she told the driver she was still on. Morgan and I stood down at the stop while waiting for the second go-round of bus 40.

The hood SARS is spreading with Michelle now coughing and possibly Sophia and Victoria suffering from it as well. I think I'm getting better but I did buy some expectorant today in hopes of loosening the grip on my chest.

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{Sunday, May 18, 2003}

Emma lost her last front baby tooth tonight at dinner. It was, as is traditional, the corn on the cob. One bite and she said, OMG! -- it's so loose. Three minutes + Daddy and it was out. It's nice to have the toothless smile again, as the one she already lost has been promptly replaced by a permanent tooth. A straight one at that. The dentist warned me that her teeth would be crowded (hello? that oft-breastfed jaw better be ample and straight!) according to her x-rays, but I'm not all that worried. She definitely has a rounded jaw and her permanent teeth that have come in already (three) are straight as an arrow. Even if she needs orthodontics, I'm certain it will be very mild.

Yesterday was Emma's recital and it went *so well*. I was extremely pleased. The show started ON TIME, the numbers went one right after another. It was organized to the *nth* degree and it really showed. The classes started learning and drilling on their routines around November and that really made a difference as well. The younger kids really *knew* their moves - very much unlike last year. Emma knew all of hers - she was really great. Recital day is also the day we pick up the dance portraits. Emma had two sets, one for ballet and one for jazz. They are both *great* of her, but the ballet one is really outstanding because of the outfit and her positioning. We didn't have anyone video for us, but I bought the whole show video from the professionals who were doing the studio tape.

Morgan and I are on the recovery from a chest cold (jokingly referred to here in the hood as SARS). Man, it has sucked. She has coughed for a couple of weeks and I didn't appreciate it enough until *I* got it. We both seem to be on the mend and I only hope that Emma doesn't get it. Coupled with her allergies (which the horrors of spring seem to be easing), it would be truly crappy for her. Morgan's lasted *much* longer than mine, but who knows how long my cough will last? She's cheery, but was feverish yesterday and napped for 2 hrs. Thank goodness. Our running about full-time has no doubt impaired her recovery.

And, on the allergy topic, Sterling is pregnant and showing. No big surprise, but I'm feeling all sympathetic for her and feeding her chopped chicken breast. I need to fix a safe place for her to have those kittens. Then she can have 'em, raise 'em, wean 'em and then she's going to the vet to be *tutored*. Okay, spayed, but you get it, right? Home for the kittens shouldn't be *too* horrible. She is half Persian and long-haired and the most likely father suspect is long haired and black. They *should* be lovely. And hopefully, there will only be two or three of them.

Morgan has one week of school left and Emma two. I'm very ready. These days of skipping make me antsy for less schedule. And the kids too I can see. They were *grounded* today about 3:00 p.m. to the inside of the house and got on famously, cleaning their room, putting away their laundry and just getting punchy. They were quite riotous.

Soon I will whip up a web page with Emma's recital pictures - between Stephanie and I we have quite a few! Not much of a surprise, eh?

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