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{Sunday, April 20, 2003}

Man, Jennifer would be so jealous. I'm sitting here eating my Mom's potato salad. Ah, the spoils of Easter. I'm also enjoying a BBQ sandwich and the combination is purely to die for.

This has been an evenful *spring break* which had very little 'Break' about it. We were busy, busy the whole week. A trip to the opthamologist for both girls, Science Center, Shaw Park (though briefly because were all freezing), Church (!) today and an egg hunt (we hid 190 of those suckers in the two front yards). Morgan needs glasses and I'm taking her tomorrow to pick them out. I think it will all go more smoothly if I do it one-on-one. I'm still trying to digest the idea of my BABY wearing glasses. Fairly hard to swallow actually.

Emma heads back to school tomorrow -- just about 5 or 6 weeks left in her Kindergarten year. That seems amazing. I realizing during this school-less week that we would most certainly be needing a set *Routine* for the summer days. Without it, every day will just be a mountain of 'maybe laters' and 'pretty soon'. I also need to get my act together in the working-out dept. I actually plan to start that tomorrow, but no need advertising. I'd rather just report *later* that I have indeed returned to working out on a regular basis. I certainly welcome the lack of a nap that will occur after I begin again. A reduction in girth would be swell too.

So, church. It seems to be the American custom and it appears that it is the only logical thing to do in order to have an excuse to dress up your daughters. So, we jumped on board with Michelle and children, the girls going with her to their Sunday school classes and then we arrived for the Easter sermon. I haven't been to a regular church service (I kept waiting for the wedding march!) since I was about 17. This was the same brand of church too, Baptist. Well, I'll tell ya one thing, the one-hour service was about 7 times longer as a teenager. I listened to the sermon (heh, first) and it was fine. No fire, no brimstone - and, excitingly, some mentions of the 'characters' in my most recent read: _The Red Tent_. Just those reminders have sparked me to go to the library tomorrow and try to find some more history of biblical times without the biblicity. Good luck to me, eh?

Well, well, 11:30 p.m. I'd better put my bootie to bed. After 5 days of husband-less-ness, the house was fairly trashed. I came down after getting the girls to sleep and picked up . . . and picked up . . . repeat. Some of the mountains are diminished but it by no means ready to *clean*. The rubble is still too tall. And tomorrow is already action-packed with the Y, the library, the perfect-glasses-for-Morgie hunt -- then dance for Emma. Meanwhile, Michelle and I have to be getting ready for the Daisy Scout tea party on the following evening *and* I have to make progress on my Spring Fling volunteering commitments.

Hmmm, the freaking florescent light in the kitchen light just popped and went out. I hope it's sunny tomorrow; I haven't the slightest idea what light it takes or how to replace it. My turkey toting husband will return tomorrow though and I'm sure he will save the day and restore light to the kitchen.

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