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{Thursday, February 13, 2003}

Oh man, the Morg has been a total riot lately. Yesterday at a thrift store (who me?) she was in total exhaustion mode and just bitching about everything. Nothing was going right, she couldn't hold anything, etc. She had a small little doll with soft body and rubber head and a vintage kid book.

I called her over and gave her the money for her and Emma to pay for their chosen items. She walked off with it mumbling about 'carrying everything' etc. She and Emma were ahead of me in line about 10 people so I missed the expo. Mom recapped it for me today. Morgan was dropping her baby, then dropping her book, then the money, repeat, repeat. Finally, Mom took the money from her and she had dropped both baby and book. She dramatically bent over at the waist, took the doll by the little legs and bashed it's head eight or ten times against the book. She said, "I am SO TIRED of bending over!!!!!"

Mom was supposed to have gone to Texas today, but her heart has been going berserk with great regularity at night so she decided to go have some tests done and reschedule her trip. I was telling Michelle about her symptoms and she told me that she (M) had a mitral valve prolapse. I looked it up and, man, it sounds like she has *every* symptom of the syndrome associate with this. So, newly diagnosed by me and my neighbor, Mom is feeling better. Two nights ago she slept, ONE HOUR, then went to the Science Center, Cunetto's and a thrift store with us. I would have been lying down somewhere. Of course, lying down seems to start the madness, so it's tempting to *not* do that.

Speaking of M., that cleaning maniac has been a good influence on me. We've been thrifting our asses off lately, but I've gotten dinner in the crockpot, made beds, vacuumed, and cleaned up the 'hot spots' every day. Seems like the more I do, the more I can do. And that is a good thing.

Now for Bad Thing: Purchased ice cream at the store. Ate a lot. Edy's. Damn good and quite economical compared to b&j.

This week is our "Week Off" Michelle says. Next week, we're wallpapering my future living room. Zoinks.

The Intrepid is out of my hands and my checking account. Hurrah.

We have golden guppy babies.

The Kindergarten Valentine party (which I'm in charge of) is tomorrow. Thank god that will be over.

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