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{Wednesday, January 29, 2003}

Man, I just read my eBay feedback. I will need reminders to do that more often! I'm just aglow with praise. I'm a fast shipper! Everything *as describe or better!* Items *like new!* I am The Bomb!

I didn't watch the State of the Union speech because, ahem, I didn't remember it was on (okay, admission that I didn't read Jennifer's blog) and I was reading the new Anna Quinlan book which is wonderful. I read it in two days which I *never* do. *Anyway*, I did read Lileks review of the thing and it was good enough for me. Love him. Don't care if he's a Republican. He makes *me* a Republican. I realized today that he's the Republican version of Tave as a Catholic. She's for Catholocism as it *as written*, not as it is practiced. Heck, as it is written, Communism seems swell.

I realized one day that I love James Lileks and I love Dan Savage. So there you go boys, something in common.

My poor husband is not feeling well. He did NOT eat dinner, which is the tell-tale sign. He's reading though, and I'm sure that is comforting. I need to make sure he is covered up.

My girls played two board games tonight without much squabbling. That's a first.

I got a Fisher-Price Little People house, 1969, today for $1.50. I've got one, but this one can be sold if Tave doesn't want it. I also got a stuffed animal, My Little Pony and a MLP shirt and Strawberry Shortcake overalls from the 80's. The clothes were a DIME at the Catholic Charities store, so, what the hell, why not? It will be more to list them than to buy them!
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