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{Saturday, January 25, 2003}

Ode to PMSmost likely

My kids have been so far up my ass today that the poor thing hurts. [Sweet side note: my cocker spaniel is sleeping on the floor behind my chair here growling in his sleep.] Emma (never any problem really) went to Grammy's a half-an-hour ago though and so now it is quiet. Thank you lawd.

Man, I've really been eating like a maniac too. I had tons of crappy frozen pizza last night and box Merlot wine. Then today, to make up for that, I had a double steakburger platter at Steak & Shake with cheesefries. I didn't have a shake though, just tea with fifty sugars. Okay, I did have some of Emma' shake. And tonight I've been consuming a bottle of cheap Tropical Fruit flavored Chardonnay and leftover Empress Chicken. Whew. Better find some pms-relief or I'm going to have to look up the Weight Watchers number.

We sat at the counter at S&S today. It was crowded and the counter was empty. It my my kid's first time sitting 'at the counter' anywhere. There just aren't that many anymore. I used to eat at the counter at Al's Drive-In when I was in jr. high and high school -- delicious memories. Hey, the burger today rivaled, it was great. It brought back the term "auction burgers" to my mind. Back in my youth, I was dragged along to auctions with my parents, late into the evening. Between my smoke-induced allergy attacks, I would consume excellent burgers made by crusty, overweight women wearing hairnets. (There just weren't that many overweight people back in those days, so it was noteable. If someone's Mom was fat, that was a *thing*. Course, if I'd been born to one of those burger-making-ladies, I'd have been fat too.) I periodically get the urge for one of those burgers. S&S is pretty close, but someone suggested a bowling alley too. I'll try that if I get into a predicament.

The girls pronounced it The Best Lunch They've Ever Had. Darn close, my pretties.

Noteworthy kid thoughts from recent days:

Steve had "Always On The Sunny Side" playing his his truck today when just he and Morgan were in there. Morgan told him that you couldn't *always* be on the Sunny Side because it would be "too hot".

Emma was telling me the "Bad Thing" about her day (it's a bedtime chatting routine....I ask her for a good thing that happened that day and a bad thing). That particular day I asked her the bad thing and she paused and thought. Then she said, "Oh! Some kid puked in the gym!" Oh doesn't *that* just take you back! I will set the scene for you, just to give you a nudge in the right direction. The kids who ride the bus go to the gym afterschool, waiting in their "bus lines" for their particular bus. They are all suited up in their coats and their backpacks. They are clearly NOT allowed to take off those coats. Just imagine the craziness of putting coats on 400 kids as they walk to their busses. Anyway, some of those kids wait 15-20 minutes in that little gym with their coats on and 400 other hot young bodies -- any sane person *would* puke. I dress Emma very lightly for school as her room is about 78 degrees all of of the time and because of this bus waiting factor.

Morgan told me yesterday (about Josiah), "His ties are unshoed". Yes, indeed they are. Morgan got to hold 10-day-old Shalam quite a lot at playgroup. She was *very* happy about that. I got a lot of great photos of him. He was very agreeable about it. Whatta good boy.

Our new bird (4 weeks now) still hates us. She also sleeps, what seems like, full time. We got her out and put her on a table perch for an hour or so tonight and she livened up. I hope she's well. Probably just depressed. Poor dear. She even hates Steve, Dr. Doolittle. Harley (dog) has almost won him over though by unfailing adoring him and not being afraid of him or giving up. He's even alerting me to cuteness when Harley lays his head on his (Steve's) knee in his low-key begging manor.

Daisy is probably depressed with good reason. Harley is on DefCon 4 waiting for her to trip up so he can retrieve her. She flew over to Coco's cage last night and he *hurried* up to attack her. Geez. I got her a new perch and a new toy today, trying to buy her love and good health.

To torture Coco a little today, I bought him a little bird (okay, big) bird stuffed animal with a little kangaroo pouch. He has the traditional bird-toy attacher to his head and you put it in the cage (I put his on top because I knew he'd be freaked out). You put a treat in the pouch. HEH! I put in two peanuts the first time and although we didn't get to see him get them, he did it. I'm *sure* that he slowly skulked over and as gingerly as possible slid the peanuts out of the pouch, taking care not to touch the stuffed bird at all. I've now put a whole pecan in there. We'll see. As soon as he is convinced that it is not a bomb, he'll probably tear off the wing and rip all the stuffing out.

Today it was excitingly above freezing, but that was just a little fluke and tomorrow the low is something like 3 degrees. By Tuesday, they *were* promising 51, but that joke wore thin I guess and they got real and changed it to 29. Bastards.

Well, seems like it's time to warm up the van and head to Walgreens. The siren song of B&J is calling and I must answer. My dutiful husband is upstairs drywalling. What a man.
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{Monday, January 20, 2003}

Well, Emma is really reading now. It's pretty darned cool, as others have reported. I knew that she was sounding things out like mad, but today we had time to sit down and just see. Rainbow Fish was the book that got the honors of first book read (at home). She was/is so proud. She read it to Steve tonight before bed. She gets frustrated **easily** when she can't get it as quickly as she would like and we have to be very careful to just give one hint, then supply the answer. Too long of a lag will result in immediate tears. Morgan is bright green with envy.
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The girls said they wanted to go into the back yard. I told them to be careful to not step in dog poop. I joked that they could pick it up while they were out there.

Now they're out there hunting for it like it's Easter. The best toys really are free.
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I woke up before Morgan. I see her wake up a bit and she sits up. She's obviously half dazed and she says, "Do you have milk?" and I say, "No, the milk is all gone." She counters, "Well . . . You drink a lot of coffee, so you *should* have milk."
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{Sunday, January 19, 2003}

Well, I am *whipped*. Whipped I tell ya. We got up to a frosy 1st floor. The furnace stopped doing it's heating job yesterday morning. One reboot got things going again, but then no more. No more heat downstairs. Steve came home from the Lake anticipating this news (the fact that I didn't fix it by turning it off and then on again).

So, this morning it was 47 in the kitchen. Steve started the oven and started blowing the dryer exhaust into the kitchen and dining room. We closed the pocket doors and just warmed those two rooms. When the dining room was up to 62 degrees, it felt downright tropical.

Coco spent the night on his nemesis, the free-standing perch in the girls room. I had it up on the cedar chest temporarily, then one of the wheels slipped off and he started flapping like a madman. If he could have cursed, he would have. Oddly, he doesn't. I finally ended up with the perch in the corner, safely on the floor. Daisy sat on a table in the landing. She seems happier there. She's still up there.

The girls started playing upstairs today and never stopped. They played and played and played. Not even that much destruction. They *did* Wash Their Hair in the bathroom sink while I was at the grocery store, but that just resulted in odd little piles of wet hither and yon.

While the kids played, Steve plucked ducks (13 of them) and I cleaned the house. Like crazy. And I worked my ass off -- then tonight can hardly tell. How crushing. I did do invisible things like vacuum every rug and shop-vac every floor, corner and crevice. However, after the family left (Dad's b-day dinner), I could indeed tell that I'd been here today. Good thing too, I was on the brink of tears thinking my toil had been for naught.

I'm insane, it's almost midnight and I have to get up in the morning, on Morgan's command. She didn't make me Sleep With Her tonight. Very odd. She was guilty because she had been slathering her legs with handfuls of vaseline after light-out. She probably didn't want to see me. I'll have to remember to deal with that fallout in the a.m.
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