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{Wednesday, January 01, 2003}

I hear the little pitter-pats. Nope, the kids are completely asleep but the promised sleet has arrived and is tapping gently against the windows. I've been Radar Woman today watching the forecasted six inches of snow devolve and evolve itself into rain, sleet and snow. It appear that the final result will be a couple of hours of sleet followed by several inches of snow. It's always more exciting to have that layer of ice beneath your snowfall as a special surprise foundation.

Our last snow was last week on Christmas Eve. I was thinking the the highway department employees were probably raking in the overtime and now I'm sure they're out tonight, New Year's Day, happily throwing the salt for the big bucks. You go boys!

I insisted that Harley go out before the sleet started and he reluctantly agreed. Now that the wet had started I'm ignoring his requests to go out and he's convinced that something is up. Our New Year's Day was very mellow and nice. I did get one of my five returns completed. I also got the go-ahead to go and pick up "Morgan's" bird this weekend in St. Louis. The means that sometime this week, I have to obtain a cage. Jen, the girls and I went to S. County yesterday to run through a slew of thrift stores in search of one. Ha. Best laid plans and all of that. The traffic was a fucking horror and only two of the stores were open.

We went to the *wrong* south county mall (the one w/o the Gymb*ree) so I couldn't return my parcel there. We did have the pleasure of eating at the Food Court. Oh goodie. Actually, mine (and Emma's) was pretty tasty. Jennifer did accomplish an exchange herself, so I guess the day wasn't for naught. Both kids seemed excessively tired (Morgan has been on the brink of having something or getting over something for EVER) and Morgan slept quite a bit. Emma started off the day by throwing up, but there were no repeat performances. While I initially thought that it was good news, she continued having stomach pains all day. It's likely catching and we'll all take a turn.

Stephanie arrived back from the Lake this afternoon, to the *extreme* delight of the girls. She played with them, took them to the store and then she and Jen went to the movies right around bedtime. They took it quite in stride though and went to bed on-time with minimal fight.

It looks like tomorrow will be home-based due to weather so I may try to network the household computers. Really, from what I've read, if it's going to work without massive troubleshooting, it will do so within about 15-20 minutes. Fingers crossed I get added to that column.

I got a call from Maura last evening that she had been in the hospital for three days! Her back totally immobilized her and they narc'd her up for days. She finally could move enough to be released and put off her MRI. I told her to just go for the closed one (it's much better) and get some nice drugs to take beforehand. Maybe she'll finally find out why her back gets sick so often. It was Oliver's birthday and his balloons had gotten left somewhere in St. Louis. I ran to ToDo's to get some replacements and ran them over.
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