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{Monday, December 23, 2002}

Back to Normal

Yes, house is clutter-city again and all is well. And it's two days before Christmas and it's the annual "man, I spent a LOT of money!" realization. zoinks. However, on the bright side, it's going to snow tomorrow. Snow on Christmas Eve: how perfect.

Went to the grocery store tonight (much to Morgan's sorrow; she doesn't like me to leave the house without her at night) and it was crazy of course. I went to Schnucks, typically yuppy city in our town, but tonight found it oddly packed with rednecks. The yuppies, apparently, having planned ahead, were home eating rumballs leaving the place wide open for any yahoo off of the street. Another little oddity there tonight was the high percentage of men with their wives. I suppose normally I don't go to the grocery in the evening and during the day, the only testestone to be found there is within the college-type boys who are checkers. Tonight, perplexed men were everywhere spouting their ideas to their wives (about grocery items) who were clearly Very Sorry that they had brought them along.

In the neighborhood violence report, the fundamentalists on the corner had the windows of two of their vans smashed in last night! They had been TP'd a couple of weeks ago, but man, that's a big step up. On my way out to do errands tonight, I saw the cops patrolling their house. They barely leave the house; I find it odd that they would have pissed anyone off that badly. But, you never know.

Went to a solstice party Saturday night (second night in a row to stay up until 2 a.m. - yawn) and behaved self. The 1.5 day hangover from the last Mom's Night Out was still fresh enough to keep me Scared Straight. Well, not straight, but just slightly crooked. Having been to Club Libby Lu that day, Jennifer and I went decked in CLL hair and glitter. We also left the girls at home with the sitter in the same fashion condition. There were authentic pagans at the party (plus they knew how to keep the fire going) so that lent to the authenticity of the party.

Weigh-in was oddly low today. Of course, am on 4th piece of pizza now to rectify situation.
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