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{Tuesday, December 17, 2002}

Now that I've had the house in semi-decent order a few days (however derailed by Morgan's illness), suddenly I'm Ms. Persnickity. What are *those* doing there? Why didn't I put that away? It *has* a place, ya know! Why is my mouse sticky? (oh yeah, kid on the computer)

Morgan is better, if not all well. After 72 hours her fever broke and she was like, oh yeah, fine now. She is a bit more tired than normal, but less clingy. Monday was certainly the worse day. Aloud, go "Wah-Wah-Wah", then repeat for 14 hours. That was Monday with Morgan. She even happily went off to school today. And relieved I was. I had a dental appointment that had been rescheduled 3 times already.

It was interesting. I'd gone for many years to a dentist that was inconvenient now and also they don't have a computer. And they refused to get one. Okay, I'm all If It Ain't Broke.... But come on now, doesn't just about every idiot know that repetitive office tasks could be done *much* more efficiently with some software? And if they don't know that, do I want their hands in my mouth? So, I switched. And to be Totally Opposite, I went to the most high-tech place possible. Instead of using a chisel and pick to clean your teeth, the tech used some noisy, zapping gizmo that did the job in about 7 minutes. Yahoo-y. I get two new fillings in January. Can't wait to see what technology that will entail.

We attended the kindergarten Christmas Performance tonight. Very cute. Also very crowded and freaking hot in the gym. Emma was so happy about it finally being The Day. She said, as we were walking into the school, "I'm half nervous and half excited". Michelle was there at the back and she gave me a seat that she booted one of her kids from. Then Olivia took are of Morgan during the whole thing and Steve to sit in the next row up. All of the little kidlings looked so cute. I need to secure a sitter for Friday's Christmas party (which no one asked me to help with .... hrrmph) because I'm going to go and take pictures. The yearbook will likely be overrepresented with this one particular class. I've already turned in over 60 photos to the yearbook committee (which I'm not sure if I'm on).

Tomorrow I'm going to finally tackle the eBay piles, check on Jennifer's flight to get the flight # and the exact arrival time and wash her sheets and bedding. I may also wash the dog. He looks so handsome all groomed (although amatuerly), he shouldn't smell so bad. It's so weird weather out there....about 60 degrees and now windy as hell. Windy is fine at this temp, but I suspect as it *is* December and this *isn't* Atlanta, it will be windy and 25 this time tomorrow night. Ugh.

How did I ever find out about chocolate and wine going so well together? Did someone tell me (if so, a pox on them!) or was it a naturally occuring discovery (caused by my propensity to eat chocolate and drink wine)?

A May Mom posted a fox news story that there were over 100 people (military) sick with a bacterial ailment on the West Coast. Is this it? The beginning of the seige?
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{Monday, December 16, 2002}

And then, and THEN, I tried that little post (below) and it didn't work either. Then TODAY I go to blogger and it retrieves my last, didn't-work post and it's the two sentence one -- NOT the looooong one. Arrgh!

In summary, because I refuse to let my work go unpublished, I vacuumed and shop-vac'd for *hours*, switched the manroom & playroom, moved rugs, hung curtains, cleared off my desk, groomed my dog and decorated for Christmas. Dammit.

Morgan is on her third day of fever. Poor little muffin. Ibuprophen keeps it manageable but at the end of her dose, she starts scorching again and become extremely listless. She continues to eat though and is drinking more water than she's had in her entire life so far.

Two Christmas presents left to pick up and one left to choose and buy; one box to ship; all of the kids' presents from Santa to wrap (ugh); not making cookies. I've gained two pounds recently and I know they're just dying to breed and multiply madly.

eBay is just about finished up for the holiday break with three packages to mail today and one left to be paid and sent. Yahoo. It's nice to have that stuff completed. The upstairs room is still full of piles, but they are sorted by size and I'm armed with empty drawers, boxes and labels for their organizing. I hope to get them all listed and OUT in January. Just keeping the primo maternity, holiday outfits and a few other miscellaneous items for listing next fall.

I realized that I would get much better pickings at the thrift stores if I was always buying out-of-season. Then I'd just have to *store* and then *resurrect* things to sell. That's good for buying but less exciting for selling because of the unpack/dewrinkle factor. Oh well, that's what the rinse cycle is for, right?
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I just spend a good 40 minutes patting myself on the back for all my deeds this weekend. Then I hit Post & Publish and shazaam, it was gone.
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