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{Wednesday, December 04, 2002}

I was very pre-kids when the Diane Downs story and movie came out about her killing her kids (or attempting to) to lure her married boyfriend back to her. I read the book (very thorough by Anne Rule) and saw the movie (starring Farah and Ryan O'Neil) and I saw the actual Diane on Oprah (back in the day, ya know). I must have kept that in long-term memory. I remember so clearly that during the investigation, they prosecution snagged Diane's notebooks from her house. They were full of shopping lists, to-do lists, and some mania. I was just, ahem, flipping through my *own* current notebook looking for a list I know I made at some point and though, hmmm, wonder what the authorities would make of this?? Interesting enough to be mentioned in the t.v. movie?

Lord, I must admit, I don't even know if there *are* t.v. movies anymore. In high school gym class we all discussed the Movie Of The Week, which 80% of us had watched. Now there are so many channels, I'm sure it's rare that any high school girls watched the same program the night before (they're all out doing crack anyway, right?) and have it to discuss. Plus this was in the beginning of cable when most people did *not* have MTV and we all watched Jaclyn Smith doing a Danielle Steel book weekly. Ah, the good old days. Oh heck, maybe the kids *do* discuss Tony beating Ralphie to death and decapitating him. I can only dream.

I sent my children to bed and they seem to actually be asleep. boy-howdy. How exciting. Only 9:30 here and I'm contemplating being asleep myself. Girls were hysterical in their pretending tonight. Morgan is a very animated pretender. I don't think Emma was much of one before Morgan. I think M. has even badgered her little playdate friend Oliver into some serious pretend play. Myself, I was just researching which animated doll to get Morgie for Christmas. I have the field very narrowed, now just looking for a great price. I've barely purchased any gifts, but I don't feel behind at all. I'm certainly not whipping myself up into any frenzy. I'm _Unplugging The Christmas Machine_. However, unplugged or not, I need to bring out the two bins of decorations and do the deed. The kids need that much. I did get slightly exciting in Big Lots today, but reminded myself that I don't have any idea what I have, much less what I should buy on the decorating front. I have a sneaking suspicion that those two huge tubs have plenty of items for cheer.

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I'm innocently pouring my second cup of coffee and I notice through the window that there's been a *heavy* frost. But wait, it's on the street, but not so much on the grass . . . but wait, there's something out there, eGads - it's snow. Snowing 'right now'. Ugh. Steve is off to the great (white, I'll bet) North to go pheasant hunting for the next four days and I've got a packed schedule. Happily it's Maura's day to keep Morgan a couple of hours, so I can get the clutter shoveled out of the house so that we can think. I filled up the amazon wish list last night for the kid's Christmas ideas. That felt like progress. In a week or so, I can finalized and just hit ADD TO CART, then viola, that'll be done.

Back to the Y this morning to take pictures of the kids with Santa. Did it yesterday too. Quite a hoot actually. I should limit my volunteering to photographing. I don't dread it like I do other things and it's actually fun for me. And even more exciting with unlimited free film from CVS.

Starting to wonder if I will ever get a kid picture taken for Christmas card postcards. Hmmm, maybe I could take this snow for a background. Maybe it will be inspiring.

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{Sunday, December 01, 2002}

This (C)old House

Brrrr.....it's 63 next to the kitchen window. The winter air is *pouring* into the house. eGads. Still love the house though, so there. I should cover Coco in his corner nearer the window. Steve wants heavy, thick curtains on the prospective new man room (currently front parlor). I'm all for it if it keeps some o f the cold out of that room. We *did* close off the draft from the fireplace which we discovered was sucking the heat straight out of the house from the vent.

Emma goes back to school tomorrow. It's about time. The girls are all played out. They were 50% play and 50% fight today. Another day would see out and out warfare I'm afraid. I'm supposed to have Christmas cookies made for the preschool. Hmm, guess they'll have to live with the Nilla Wafers that I'm getting for Emma's snack today tomorrow (getting *on the way there* of course). Then Tuesday, it's take pictures of the scared little kiddos with Santa. Should be fun for me though - just observe, shoot and not have to deal with any of it.

People are getting whipped up in a buying frenzy for Christmas. Read the most assinine (lol, funny word to spell wrong) article from the Edwardsville paper (www.news.google.com -- who knew?) that quoted different people all saying, "The economy ain't hurtin me none". omg.

Blogger hates Mac. No links option, no italics, no bold. Just type your shit on the wrongly sized window and get out. Hmmph.

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Our fish tank is constantly full of pregnant fish. But we never see any babies. They get gobbled up right out of the hatch for extra protein. However, Steve had been seeing one little survivor under the rocks for weeks. He was impossible to get a glimpse of because he was, of course, wiley. Now he's out and about and among the bigs. I've been calling him Darwin. He's got to be a survival genius. We should breed him/her to make a super-clever strain of swordtails.

Thanksgiving at Grandmas was lovely. Of course. Just show up and eat. I got to sleep 11 hrs. almost every night we were there. Bliss. Though it does induce acid-trip like dreams that I'd forgotten about since being sleep deprived for the past five years. Austin played endlessly with my girls for two full days. Gotta love that boy.

Went to a thift store with Ellen and found some DKNY leggings and a Wee Clancy dress, perfect condition. All of their Wal-Mart crap was priced higher. Heh. Typical, typical. My TODO list is large and overwhelming. I need to get busy on it. In addition to that, I really want to network this household to simplifiy my life (in theory). I keep thinking it won't be that hard, won't be a big deal, but in my heart of hearts, I know that is an attitude of doom.

AND I *really* need to list eBay to get Jennifer's room cleared out in the less than three weeks until her arrival. ANd I need to copy Tave's CDs AND I need to copy Grandma's Christmas tapes that she generously loaned me (hopefully) before Steve goes back down there on Tuesday. AND I have to make Christmas cookies for the preschool events this week. AND my parents are coming for dinner. AND I told Emma I would try to finish their curtains for their room today. Oh yeah, that's a do-able list.

I've also hatched this plan to switch the man room and the playroom. I can envision a manly front parlor with gun case, reloading station, books, etc. Steve was like, well, want to move it "Right NOW" last night. UM, no.....really I want to cover the walls in cocoa colored suede first. I have this Ralph Lauren vision, but no time and no money.
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