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{Friday, November 22, 2002}

My iMac Ate It

My pictures from playgroup today that is....they are, rather. Gone, finito, poof. Luckily there were no real gems as Morgan took the majority of them to distract her from the non-nursey state of affairs.

As Vicki and I were discussing who the cutest carpenter on Trading Spaces is -- naturally I vote for Ty and she votes for Amy Wen -- I realized that *here* were some MORE liberal/christian types. Vicki and Linda are gay, but are very active in their (Christian) church, have done mission work, go to Christian concerts and lead lives that many Christians *tout* but don't live up to....and then they're friends with us - heh - another unusual factor in their lives I'm sure. The lovely Aidan is growing up - strong as can be, legs of steel. I cannot *believe* she's almost 5 months! Luckily Bria is going to grace us with another infant. And LUCKILY it's not me!

I think I've decided to screw the pooch and keep my old shitty harddrive on my PC. I simply *cannot* figure out how to get all of my stuff off of it. Well, now that I think of it that way, I still have to reformat the frigging thing to get anything to work again (like the damned CD burner), so what's the diff? I should just download *all* to ZIP disks and then write 0's to the drive. And then send it back to Western Digital. And then find out that it's not been the drive humming all along (but it does have bad sectors), but the fan that cools the drives. And it's impossible to get out. Ah, what this household needs is a network. Yeah, right. Just what I need, more potential for problems. I can't even tame these beasts separately - what if I hook them up and they take over for good?

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{Tuesday, November 19, 2002}


I've got it. I realized tonight (while going to get ice cream...amazing how the very idea just clears your mind) that the *weird* thing about one of my neighbors is that they are religiously conservative liberals. That doesn't click at all. I wonder if they have hard time finding peers? Their children go to a VERY conservative Christian school; yet they go for organic veggies and are very *left* in societal ways.

So, then there are the neighbors on the corner. They own their house plus the church next door. They also own a house across the street (more or less) from ours. They work on the church and the spare house off-an-on. And mainly at night. The Dad is extremely frightening looking. Over the summer, we saw his brother around here as well and he mentioned the existence of the brother to Steve. The father, himself, looks like that scary neighbor in _Home Alone_ *except* that his head has this unnatural tilt. Like, he slept wrong and his head got stuck like that. Okay, that's weird but, ya know, shit happens... WELL the brother was around again tonight and I got a better look at him. SAME HEAD tilt. Okay, that's freaking weird. Like their mother bottle-fed and *never* switched sides and *never* figured out the problem there?
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How You Know You're Watching A Lot of Sopranos

When you husband calls you and tells you that he's not sure when he'll be home because some gov't people have shown up with warrants -- and *you* are all cavalier about it and say, 'Okay, just call me if you need me to bail you out'. Bye hon. Really. BTW, he did make it home, arrest-free. V. good.

Had female-friend-bonding-time at Goodwill today. And then for lunch. Ended up at CA Pizza Kitchen b/c newly opened Cheesecake Factory was a 40-minute wait! Yowza. Was late picking up Morgan at it was, *and* Osanna, and almost Noah! Sorry kiddys. Also have Mom's Night Out at Jennifer's this Saturday night. It's a good week for Moms!

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{Monday, November 18, 2002}


I got to page ten today in _Skipping Towards Gomorrah_ by Dan Savage today at the gym. I LOL'd no less than six times. The embarrassment! I not a LOL-er, even in appropriate situations with high levels of humor. *This* is funny. As hell. I'm getting more acquainted with the Mac here. Today, interestingly the font here in blogger is much bigger, thank goodness, and I can even see it with ease! In some e-mail messages, I have to squint. I really don't understand the plus of having a big, giant screen if you can't have Big Giant Everything.

Girl's Day Out tomorrow -- just a short one until Morgan pick up time, but still exciting! And then, as if that weren't enough! - Jennifer is having a MNO at her house Saturday night. And this reminds me, better email the other parental unit to see if he will be available to parent that night.
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{Sunday, November 17, 2002}


"Why are there apples all over this thing?", that is Morgan's question as we're unpacking the new iMac. It's quite beautiful and Steve asked me if I bought it because it was pretty. I would have, if I had known! OMG, it makes this piece of krep look like, well, krep. The *Setup* instructions are Six Steps, all in photos! Absolutely no words! LOL! Reminded me of the Dell site where you could buy *Professional Setup* for $199! Of *course*, while I was doing my six steps the freaking pointer in this screen went crazy. MSGSVRdll crashed **again**. Piece of shit. It's sitting there glowing....beckoning me. Now I'm freaking INSPIRED to start the SWITCH (there's a special website) and get this purring monster *off* of my desk.
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