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{Friday, November 08, 2002}

Three glasses of Wine, 3000 Calories of chocolate & One Long Call To Portland Later.....

So now....isn't that better. Had to call Jen and confirm her mental breakdown and the concert excitement! YIKES. Got nervous just freaking **reading** it. _Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius_ is on the t.v. (courtesy of Netflix) and man, does it look stupid. Didn't hold the kid's attention for more than 15 minutes. They were running around wildly while I was on the phone. I sent them up to get their pajamas, I'm sure they'll come down dressed like cancan dancers.

Have a nagging fever. It's odd to be hot. I'm very used to being about 2 degrees colder than the average bear, so being 99 degrees is quite uncomfortable. Ibuprophen doesn't seem to impress it even one iota either. Saw Kim at the gym today and chatted for 30 minutes. Excellent surprise encounter. Morgan (afterwards) kept saying, "It was *sure nice* to see Casey's Mom!!!". Very cute. Went to playgroup at Jennifer's house. Vicki arrived after noon (!) with the kids. Aidan was excellent. Four months now and very strong in body strength. Morgan was thrilled (as usual) to get to hold her. She was all chipper and exhuberant today -- Aidan that is and we got a lot of laughs out of her. Cute girl.

I'm getting a new hard drive. This one has been moaning and delivering errors for a week now. It's currently report that "It's Fine!" but hell, it sounds like it's ready for takeoff on runway #2. I would not characterize a hard drive with 69 bad sectors 6 weeks after installation as *fine* anyway. Arrgh.

I have a DELL in my shopping cart. I'm very tempted. The choices are overwhelming. I'm positive I want a DVD burner. In my FREE TIME (snort) I want to burn videos. Darling, watchable snippets of our lives post-video-camera. *When* I'm going to get the (likely massive) time it takes to do this, I'm not sure. I had a thought today that I could buy a system w/o it and then upgrade later (like after it was paid for and *when* had the money for the burner). PC World, in timely fashion, has an article this month about such things as "which to buy". The Mac, already Lileks endorsed, is $1,000 *cheaper* than the PC's. AND it's cool and streamlined. The only thing that PC World has to say about it in a negative sense is that it's not upgradeable. Well, gee, for $1,000 you could put that towards your *next* one when you were ready to upgrade. I'm thinking about it, I really am. It's skeery though. I kid you not.

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