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{Wednesday, October 30, 2002}

Trick or Treat. We did it. We went to Michelle's mom's house and parked and walked about for an hour or so. We had such a big gang of kids. It was drizzling. :( Ugh. Not v. fun with a runny nose. At one point Emma said, 'Oh no....not *this* again..." as they were heading up a sidewalk so I asked her if she was done. She was. Morgan insisted that she wasn't but after I fetched the van, Morgan jumped in first. She was Michelle's 'buddy' and snubbed me all evening to walk with M. Michelle told me that she had described me as a 'huppy' - half hippie & half yuppy. LOL. I told her that *did* go to the organic market, the Galleria and the Goodwill today. She did inform me that there is a Disney Store at Union Station. Ah, who knew?
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So I've been going to Goodwill 1-2 times a week (okay, sometimes more) for years now. Today was a first. At the Cross-Dresser Goodwill in Brentwood (referred to as such because there is frail older gentleman who shops there wearing Dickies tan workpants and a floral silk shirt) today I was mindlessly flipping through the kids' racks. There is a young, black man on a cell phone several aisles over in the men's pants section. It's not unusual to hear someone talking on a cell phone out in public anymore. Usually, it's a woman, but still - nothing odd.

But . . . I can't help listening to him. His diction is just so, so 'different'. I start paying attention and realize that he's ministering on the phone. Yes - take Jesus into your heart and declare him as your personal savior *all while* holding up pants in front of himself to check for length. He even popped back into the dressing room during this conversation! I am quite hopped up on DayQuil and Flonase today, but I must say - that elicited a big grin out of me. I was 'really' fighting the urge to pass him and say, 'Did that soul you just saved know you at are Goodwill?' But I'm not well enough to defend myself against a crusader so I kept my peace.

It's trick-or-treat night. Oh goodie. Really, I was looking forward to it, but UGH, so freaking sick. Evenings are always worse too so I'll be out with the passle of kids (going w/ the next doors I think) in the coldy. It's 53 right now and there's snow in the forecast for tomorrow. Snow on Halloween! Zoinks. Tomorrow night is the Halloween parade. Note these impending rituals and me here without a red mermaid wig. Dropped Morgie off at Maura's this morning for our weekly *switch* (I get O. next week) and headed off merrily (and stupidly) to The Disney Store. Psych! They are closed, gone, nada. (On a bright note, they're putting a Pottery Barn Kids there) So I just decided to take Emma to Walmart after school and let her pick from what they have. There is a *super* cute one on the internet, blonde and long, long, long. She has 'Ariel' specifically in mind though so red was the first choice.

I *made* her costume. It's a glam material in red for the top (no clamshell bra here) and same material in green for the pants. I modeled them after some basic black leggings (and attached it to them for warmth) and then made the tailfin in two pieces (ya know, so she could walk). The pieces attach to the bottoms of her calves with velcro wraparounds. Oh so clever, if I do say so myself. Sadly, I was looking for mermaid 'accessories' last night on the web and saw a costume that was SO CUTE, I wish I'd found it first so I could have copied that one. But really now, it's not that big of a deal and this will be warm and safe/easy to walk in. Grammy is coming over and going with us. Thank goodness. I'll be a wet noodle by then I suspect.

Grandma is getting sprung from the hospital today. They shocked her heart into behaving better. Mom said that it's 'bad' when they have to resort to that, but heck, they do it on e.r. all of the time with nary a thought. And if started beating regularly after that, they all appear happy. Jim Binkley is also out of the hospital today after a heart attack on Saturday. He had a stint put in one artery and a 'talking to' about the 50% blockage in the another one. We'll see. For job security in this fast food nation, look to cardiology.

The black mollies are in a fish bowl on the table. They have fungus. Quarantine little buddies. And the female has a fish disease called Popeye. I think that this is what our Sparky had and we just didn't realize it at the time.

I should start listing auctions now. I like for the money to trickle in. It's uplifting.

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