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{Friday, October 25, 2002}

My dear Jay, you are not an evil person with a one-way ticket to Hell. However, something are left better unsaid and even unblogged. Interesting, in a negative, sad sort of way, that you're going to drink away your sorrows. Just remember that your thoughts, evil or not, do not have any effect on anyone or anything other than you.
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Well the damn van is done. $669 later. SHIT. Brakes and some fan that blows on the radiator when the a/c is on, to keep it from overheating. The guy tries to lighten the blow by telling me that in 'some cars' the fan has a separate little engine that you can just replace. But in MY CAR, you have to replace the whole unit, shroud, other crap. AND the piece has to come from the dealer. Dodge bastards. So, add that little chunk o' change to the airline tickets I've bought this week and it brings the total to $1179 that I've put on a credit card in the last three days. [faint]

Emma came home fragile as hell last night, but cheery as can be tonight. Thank goodness. She was misery personified last night. Grammy was here to witness it all, of course. And thank goodness because I held Grammy hostage and made her go to playgroup with me today. Her brother died last night. Of her sibling group, only she and her sister remain. The three males have died. I guess that's why the world is full of old women.

I called Steve to see if he'd be back here to grill the steaks I just bought, but alas it was not to be. He said he'd had 'the worst day ever' at work. I decided to keep the van news to myself at that point. He *might* be home around 9:00 p.m. And that probably shoots the weekend too darnit. I have GOT to get Emma a costume this weekend. It's a must. And finish another underlayer for Morgan's. Hers is a Cinderella dress that is short, too coldy. The girls are playing so well together that I'm tempted to try to go take a bath. My shoulders are up around my ears for some reason. Everything I guess.

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{Wednesday, October 23, 2002}

Freaking CRAZY day. And now my throat hurts and I feel like crud. Could be germs, could be my body feeling sorry for me for having an extra busy day. My body is senstive to me that way. The house too, though it shows it's empathy by looking like hell. Seriously, after I returned with Morgan tonight the house looked like the Tasmanian devil had swirled through and things just wafted down into new places on the floor or on the backs of chairs.

The kids were totally punked out tonight too. They fight all day but around bedtime get very chummy. Then it's Us vs. Them. We who want them to sleep and They who cry, "Never!" I actually left them crying the last time tonight because they were 'scared'. This is after I hear them up them (2 rooms and staircase away) practicing their new ghostly sounds. Halloween is really getting publicity in this household this year. "Spooky" is the new word of choice. Of course, Morgan says such funny things All Day Long that I should have a notepad ready at all times. She's so hysterical. And it's just normal conversation for her.

So on my goodie list of fun things to do today was go to the dentist. I picked a new one, closer to home. I realized I'd been going to the last office for twelve years. Twelve. I hadn't realized I'd done *anything* for 12 years. Shit man. So this one has been putting up splashy ads and offering discounts, so I called. They were extra nice. They were extra accomodating. My friend goes there too and likes it. I arrived. Holy shit! NICE office. Amazing office. Loads of 50 gallon built-in fishtanks, leather seating areas (t.v. playing clever trivia game), bookshelf bursting with coffee table books. Heck, I'm going to go pick up a coffee and just hang out there tomorrow! (j.k.)

THEN, then they called me in and the x-rays started. Lots and LOTs of x-rays. Digital. All digital, with big ass screen right up in the corner of the room - like a 22" monitor. Nice x-ray tech who worships food like a religion (like I do) and we exchanged favorite restaurants and entrees. Very enlightening. Got some good tips. Had a hellava time getting one back x-ray. It felt like a nail piercing the roof of my house. Ouch. Finally got it. Made note to self to take anti-anxiety pill before returning to dentist.

And with good reason...."Decay". See it there? This is from the actual Dentist type. He, I was relieved to note, was a skinny person with small hands. I never choose dentists with big giant hands for obvious reasons. I couldn't tell from his headshot in his advertisement. He has mondo hair, which oddly, usually indicates a smaller than normal person. Of course, a smaller than normal person nowadays is equal to a normal sized person 25 years ago.

And how could I NOT see the decay. The bigscreen is full of ONE molar the size of my head and Decay the size of one ear. Um yeah, I haven't been to dental school, but amazingly, I do see it. So, he was egotistical but fine. After I get the work done, I'll rarely see him anyway. It's the hygenists who one must spent time with twice a year. I opted to not have a cleaning done today. Maura had already had Morgan 2 hrs. and that was enough. So next time, consult (to discuss their 'options' in treatment) and cleaning.

These options, apparently, involve loads of cosmetic things they offer. I'm certainly going to look over the menu and decide based on price. The whitening is a yes and the straightening without braces a maybe. That sounds painful. Like, yeah, we break your jaw, realign your teeth and then wire that sucker for a couple of weeks. That'll be $2,350. Thanks.

On a cringing money note, I'm buying airline tickets for my stepdaughters for Christmas. Steve said they get those plus a small candy cane. Ho, ho, ho. Of course, at dinner, he brings up a little idea about BUYING PROPERTY. Oh yeah. But he tempered it with, 'In a few years.' The carrot on the end of the stick is getting to stay here, in town, in my beloved house. V. tempting. Will eBay for 'Weekend House' money! That's the ticket.

Won an auction tonight. Counterproductive in money making scheme. I sniped it, which is always fun. Plus I got it for $20 below my max bid. Extra fun. Steve didn't know about sniping and the sneaky, competitiveness about it tickled him silly.
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{Monday, October 21, 2002}

"Are there still, you know, rounds on my eyes?"

Morgan's question in the van. Hmmm....I glance back at her and she's pointing under her eyes. Aha! "Yes, you still have circles under your eyes." Her: "I think I feel this one right here."

She has a sinus infection. Poor bub. She's never really recovered 100% since the onslaught of the Pox. She would be better for a time, but then cranky, whiny and downright mean (ala illness) at others. She would go out and ride her bike up and down the street endlessly, but then be 'too tired' to walk upstairs. Finally this weekend (with sleeping disruptions) I resolved to take her in to be checked out. I'm thinking it was likely two post-pox colds and her immune system was just to weak to fight off the Ick growth. (That is the fish disease . . . if I fish is sick, it's ick baby. Fish dies = ick. Very much like the equine medical quide. Broken leg = shoot. Pneumonia = shoot. Overate = shoot. I've wanted to be shot before when I've overeaten.)

So we're all toked up and in bed, following spa bath, fingernail painting, Dimetapp and Antibiotics. It's apparently the miracle combo (she does so love having medicine and a schedule to follow with regard to taking it; she doesn't even care if it's foul) because bedtime was extremely easy. That's certainly not been the norm. [Sidenote: Steve's boots, that he wore for 15 hours today, are on the 'Boot Dryer' which basically cooks the stink out of them. I'm not sure I'll be able to blog on with this aroma wafting around me.] Emma, as usual, was exhausted. She had school plus the two dance classes tonight. Tomorrow: Daisy Scouts. Also some shitty preschool meeting tomorrow. I do get to use my sick toddler to pop in and bow out early I hope.

*Then* on Wednesday, new dentist appt. And THEN, flu shot. Jeez. And same night, Morgan's dance class. I'm AWOL from LLL tonight. Morgan just wasn't well enough and then it turned out that Steve wasn't home to keep Emma (or both) anyway. No WAY could Emma have taken it. I feel like a slacker, but what-are-ya-gonna-do? Oh yeah, also Wednesday, I've volunteered to take a dish to the Teacher's Luncheon. Happily, I can just slop that in the crockpot and drop it off. Whew.

And ALSO (getting to be a major bitchfest here ain't it?) tomorrow I have 10 packages to take to the Post Office. On the bright side: the money is rolling in. Back again to the dim side: I have very few auctions listed. On the hysterical side: Helplessly Addicted to eBay Barbie. Oh man. The shame of it all.

So speaking of such, I cleared the table off tonight and wiped it. This is important. The little things in life get splashed onto the table, but when there are millions of things on it (the Sunday paper, a bin full of eBay *to go* items, a bag of purchased walmart items, Morgan's purse and wallet and the contents of Emma's backpack) it's impossible to wash off. Walking through the house after letting the dog in (a special treat, getting to bark in the *front* yard some late evenings), I was overcome by my love for my house. It truly is splendid, and even in it's unfinished state, I like it more than anywhere else I've ever lived. If I ever *did* get off of my patootie and finish the decorating, I'd probably be in such a state of bliss that I'd *never* agree to move. Luckily for my marriage, this isn't a likely scenario. My patootie is fairly sedate.

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